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Inspired by:

I've made:

Time permitting I might make some more.
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Wil Wheaton hosting a show in which geek celebrities play board games:

I'll be in my bunk.
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A belated memorial to Whitney Houston: Whitney Joins The JAMs by The KLF.

This post likely to make my Discordian friends nostalgic and everyone else befuddled. I'm ok with that.
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I have a new favorite comic:

Yay for geography in-jokes. I'm generally an Albers Equal Area guy myself.

Surprised he didn't go for a Buckminster Fuller joke in there.
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Just in case there is any doubt I want to say that I'm 100% in support. As a Discordian how could I not? It's the escalation of chaos in action. It is long past time that the right-wing's monopoly on incoherent rage has been broken.

Sadly I don't think it'll turn in to a left-wing counterweight to the Tea Party, the Tea Party has a huge advantage, namely funding. In a feeble attempt to correct that I'd encourage you to donate to OWS - at least order them a pizza or something.

Also awesome: Occupy Sesame Street - it's on!
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Ok, since I mentioned it - it's been a long time since we had a game of Mornington Crescent here and I think we're overdue. Hopefully some of my regular players are still reading. Just in case we have newbies we'll stick to the standard rules, no reverse shunts, obviously trans-atlantic errata would be in effect.

I'll start us off:

Elephant & Castle
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So previously Brunswick elected a 19 year old kid to the city council. Yesterday during the election I got to meet him briefly. I kid you not, he is the spitting image of Prez Rickard. I resisted the impulse to ask him if he fixed clocks in his spare time. Ok, so no one else will get this, that's ok.
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Thanks to [ profile] fairerhiannon I have a new tagline:

"Where there is inadequate mapping, vigilance wanes."

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Are you Virginians tired of not knowing whether you live in the "North" or the "South"? Worry no longer, it all depends on sweet tea and now thankfully the critical "Sweet Tea Line" has been mapped.
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This is what happens when you combine watching Babylon 5 with lots of talk about the Founding Fathers - we are watching season 5, much of which deals with the founding of an interstellar alliance, we noticed how much G'Kar is like Jefferson to Sheridan's Washington and got to thinking who the other cast members might be:

Geeky speculation under the cut )
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That venerable institution of the Internets: T-Shirt Hell is going out of business, you have until 10th to get your shirts of extreme wrongness.
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As usual, I have to rely on [ profile] chuck_lw to bring me the real news:
Car thief transformed into a goat!
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Thanks to [ profile] ambug666 I now know about Brickarms. Rarely does a site leave me flabbergasted - both cool and really, really disturbing at the same time.


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