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So part one, getting stuff from Chicago to Maryland is done. Now begins decided what to do with all this stuff I've inherited.

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The trip to Chicago was quite successful. A huge thank you to [ profile] zammis and [ profile] radiant_one for all their work.

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I'm home again, safe and sound. Thanks again for all the condolences, it meant a lot, both to me and the rest of the family.
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Placing here mostly for my own reference.

Tuesday March 25, 2-9 pm
Sourek Manor Funeral Home
5645 W. 35th St.
Cicero, IL 60804

Saturday March 29, 10am - noon
Engle Shook Funeral Home
135 N. Washington St.
Tiffin, OH 44883
Guest book

Memorial donations can be made to the

American Liver Foundation
75 Maiden Lane, Suite 603
New York, NY 10038-4810

Tribune obit, Tiffin obit

BGG thread
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My father, Jim Musser, passed away today after a long battle with Cirrhosis. Jim spent most of his life working as an editor and journalist for the Chicago Tribune, but his real passion was games. He contributed to many aspects of the gaming industry; as a game designer for Mayfair Games; as a writer and editor for Mayfair, FASA, and TSR; and as a game store owner and manager in Chicago.

And of course as a gamer. I was pretty well doomed as he introduced me to both board games and role-playing games almost as soon as I could read. Thank you father for a wonderful hobby. Who knows, perhaps some of his unpublished games will see the light of day yet.

Game Designer for Mayfair Games:
Designer of Alibi, Road to the Whitehouse, and the re-design of Cosmic Encounter and its expansions.

Editor for Mayfair Games:
DC Heroes and Chill product lines

Editor and writer for FASA:
Battletech, Shadowrun, Star Trek, and Renegede Legion lines

Editor and writer for TSR:
AD&D: Tales of Enchantment
Forgotten Realms: Cormyr

owned The Gamer's Place in Oak Park, Illinois
managed The Emperor's Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois

P.S. Thank you for all the condolences, they are greatly appreciated.


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