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Monday 4/8
  • After supporting DJT's children in cages policy, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is fired for not being evil enough (source).
  • DJT also fires his Secret Service Director (source).
  • Administration still stonewalling on re-uniting children that it took from their parents (source).
  • DJT labels Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization (source).
  • U.S. pulls military forces out of Libya (source).

Tuesday 4/9
  • Judge rules against DJT's "wait in Mexico" policy, decision likely to be appealed (source).
  • Canada to make it easier to reject refugees coming across the U.S.-Canada border into Canada (source).
  • DJT to make it harder for refugees to claim asylum (source).
  • Dept. of Justice still pursuing court case against Obamacare (source).
  • DJT adds tariffs to various EU products (source).

Wednesday 4/10
  • Transgender military ban goes into effect Friday. Pentagon to house up to 5,000 migrant children. National Guard using up its training budget for border deployment (source).

Thursday 4/11
  • Oil and gas lobbyist David Bernhardt confirmed as Secretary of Interior (source).
  • U.S. charges Julian Assange with computer hacking, Assange arrested and extradited from Ecuador (source).

Friday 4/12
  • FCC to hold 5G spectrum auction (source).

Monday 4/15
  • Ethics investigation of David Bernhardt launched (source and yes this was just 4 days after he was confirmed).
  • NASA awards SpaceX contract to fly to the asteroid belt (source)
  • U.S. position on U.N. racism committee purposely being left vacant (source).
  • DJT to give Tiger Woods Presidential Medal of Freedom (source).

Tuesday 4/16

Wednesday 4/17
  • HUD proposes banning housing assistance for immigrants (source)
  • Barr orders immigration judges to stop releasing asylum seekers on bail (source).
  • New York limits powers of ICE agents (source).
  • USAID to drop support for Palestinian projects (source).

Thursday 4/18

Friday 4/19
  • House subpoenas Mueller report without the redactions (source). My personal take is that most of the redactions appear to be related to ongoing investigations that Mueller farmed out to other jurisdictions.

Map of the week

Legislative update
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No news update this week since I'm on travel without reliable Internet, will try and do a double dose next week.
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Monday 4/1
  • Administration has given security clearances to 25 people who were denied clearances by security officials (source).
  • Administration proposes kicking 750,000 people off food stamps by adding work requirements (source).
  • GOP in Congress not supporting DJT's latest attack on Obamacare (source).
  • U.S. to halt F-35 sales to Turkey if Turkey follows through on buying Russian missile defense system (source).
  • CBP moving more personnel to southern border to process migrants, standing by its "wait in Mexico" policy despite court challenges (source).
  • Dept. of Labor to limit companies liabilities for the actions of their contractors and franchises (source).
  • Disaster aid bill stalled in Congress (source).

Tuesday 4/2
  • Disaster aid to the Midwest won't cover crops destroyed by floods (source).
  • DJT has no plans to propose Obamacare alternative until after 2020 (source).
  • House subpoenas official that overturned White House security clearances (source).
  • DJT seeks to cut off aid to Central America, because if we make conditions worse there people won't want to leave, or something (source).
  • DJT continues to talk about Puerto Rico as if it's another country - just for the record, Puerto Rico is part of the United States (source).

Wednesday 4/3
  • House subpoenas Mueller report (source).
  • House Dems seek DJT's tax returns from the IRS (source).
  • Senate changes its rules to streamline and speed up approvals on DJT's appointees (source).
  • I'm very sad this needs to be said, but windmills don't cause cancer (source).
  • States sue administration over school lunch rules (source).

Thursday 4/4
  • Congress passes bill pulling the U.S. military out of Yemen, DJT expected to veto it (source).
  • House sues the administration to block DJT's emergency declaration funding his wall (source).
  • House reauthorizes Violence Against Women Act, now with more gun control. NRA opposition means it'll probably fail in the Senate (source).
  • Mueller's team wants their report released (source).
  • DJT nominates Herman Cain for Fed (source).

Friday 4/5
  • States sue administration to stop wall construction (source).
  • DJT asks Congress to fast track his choice for IRS lawyer, that the House just asked IRS for DJT's tax returns a total coincidence (source).
  • HHS reports that it is now holding 12,340 migrant children (source).
  • DJT withdraws nominee to lead ICE because he isn't awful enough (source).

Map of the week, same as last week, they're still in bloom :-)

Legislative update
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Friday 3/22
  • Mueller submits his report to the Attorney General, William Barr. Barr releases a summary, all we get from the 300+ page report is the sentence "while this report does not conclude that the President committed any crime, it also does not exonerate him." Barr states that his office is not seeking any further indictments and is not pursuing obstruction of justice charges. DJT celebrates, Dems call for release of the full report (source).
  • Summery of other investigations of DJT that are still ongoing (source) also a reminder that Mueller farmed out a lot of stuff to State offices.

Monday 3/25
  • DJT follows through on last weeks tweet and officially recognizes Golen Heights as part of Israel (source).
  • Dept. of Energy bails out 2 nuclear reactors under construction (source).
  • Puerto Rico still struggling to recover from hurricane Maria, exacerbated by lapses in Federal aid, and DJT wants to cut off aid entirely (source).
  • House unanimously passed a resolution calling for the public release of Mueller's report, McConnell blocks it in the Senate (source).
  • Felix Sater, financier of the proposed Trump Tower-Moscow charged with money laundering (source).

Tuesday 3/26
  • Justice Dept. asks Court to kill Obamacare (source).
  • Pentagon proceeds with transferring $1 billion from other projects to wall construction (source).
  • U.S. cuts funding to the Organization of American States over abortion gag rule (source).
  • Supreme Court upholds "bump stock" ban (source).

Wednesday 3/27
  • Pentagon compiles a list of bases threatened by climate change (source).
  • DeVos wants to cut funding for the Special Olympics because fuck those kids (source).
  • Census recruits tech companies to help fight right-wing disinformation campaign (source).
  • McConnell blocks release of the Mueller report a 2nd time (source).
  • Judge blocks Medicaid state imposed work requirements (source).

Thursday 3/28
  • DHS requests authority to deport children (source).
  • Judge strikes down association health plans that don't meet Obamacare standards (source).
  • EPA's new "science" panel argues that air pollution is not a health hazard (source).
  • Customs and Border Patrol reports on the overcrowding at their immigration detention facilities (source).
  • Rick Perry approves nuclear tech for Saudi Arabia (source).
  • DJT overrules DeVos on Special Olympics funding (source).
  • McConnell tells DJT that if he wants an Obamacare replacement he's going to have to write it himself (source).
  • House Dems investigate voter suppression in Kansas and Texas (source).

Friday 3/29
  • DJT's NAFTA 2 deal going nowhere in Congress (source).
  • Justice Dept. nominee withdrawn from consideration due to evidence that she might care about people (source).
  • Oil lobbyist and Dept. of Interior nominee likely to sail through nomination despite swamp thing appearance at hearings (source).

In news elsewhere
  • The EU votes to kill the Internet (source) - how different countries choose to implement the new law remains to be seen.

    Map of the week

    Legislative update
    • Legislation signed into law
      • 1 minor bill

    • Legislation awaiting DJT's signature
      • 3 minor bills

    • Legislation passed in the House, awaiting Senate
      • 8 minor bills
      • 92 total pending bills

    • Legislation passed in the Senate, awaiting House
      • 1 minor bill
      • 9 total pending bills
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Monday 3/18
  • As expected DJT vetoes nullification of his emergency declaration, Congress now looks to limit powers of emergency declarations (source).
  • Emergency declaration still facing court challenges as well (source).
  • Pentagon releases lists of the projects it may de-fund in order to fund the wall (source).
  • Dept. of Interior to remove protections for the greater sage-grouse, opening up 50 million acres of Federal lands for oil and gas leasing (source).

Tuesday 3/19
  • Supreme Court gives ok to indefinite detention for immigrants (source).
  • Pence surveying flood damage in the Midwest (source).
  • DJT meeting with Brazilian president Bolsonaro, says he wants to make Brazil a formal ally (source).

Wednesday 3/20
  • Administration has been encouraging states to put restrictions on Medicare and Medicaid (source).
  • Court blocks opening of Federal lands to oil and gas drilling in Wyoming (source).
  • Gorsuch defends Native American treaty rights (source).
  • American Bar Assoc. reports a 800,000 case backlog in immigration courts, makes a bunch of recommendations that will be ignored (source).

Thursday 3/21
  • DJT wants to recognize Israel's annexation of Golan Heights (source).
  • Dems question Kushner's use of personal messaging app for official White House business (source).
  • White House rejects Dems request for records relating to DJT-Putin meetings (source).
  • DJT makes emergency declaration for Nebraska flooding (source).
  • DJT considers redirecting natural disaster relief force to southern border - it's not like there's currently a natural disaster going on that could really use the personnel (source).
  • Roger Stone pleads the 5th in response to House Judiciary investigation (source).
  • Julian Assange refuses to cooperate with House Judiciary investigation (source).
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' staff is receiving extra training to deal with the volume of death threats she is receiving (source).
  • U.S. denying visas to women attempting to attend UN woman's conference (source).
  • CDC report confirms, just in case anyone has forgotten, we are still having an opioid crisis here (source).
  • Executive Order denies colleges and universities right to restrict speech on campus (source).
  • Pompeo says that God wants DJT to be the savior of the Jews (source).

Friday 3/22
  • Quantifying how much DJT inspires hate crimes (source).

Maps of the week

Legislative update
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Monday 3/11

    Tuesday 3/12
    • U.S. withdraws embassy staff from Venezuela (source).
    • Administration to close 21 international immigration offices (source).
    • Deutsche Bank subpoenaed for Trump related records (source).
    • EPA proposing to lift ethanol restrictions (source).

    Wednesday 3/13
    • Senate votes to pull U.S. military from Yemen (source).
    • Military to begin enforcing transgender ban April 12th, transgender members already in can stay, but no new recruits (source).
    • Manafort sentenced to 7.5 years in prison (source).

    Thursday 3/14
    • Senate passes bill nullifying DJT's emergency declaration regarding funding his wall, DJT vows to veto (source).
    • Mnuchin says he'll shield DJT's tax returns (source).
    • DJT threatens violence if he loses 2020 (source).

    Friday 3/15
    • DJT condemns New Zealand mosque shooting (source).

    Map of the week

    Legislative update
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    Missed previously
    • CFPB to weaken regulations governing payday lenders (source).

    Monday 3/4
    • House broadens Trump investigations (source).
    • DJT looks to start a trade war with India (source).
    • Whitaker quits Justice Dept. (source).

    Tuesday 3/5
    • Reminder that many Federal agencies still have vacant leadership (source).
    • DJT has been hiding his school grades since 2011 (source).
    • I'm sure you will all be shocked that the GOP tax cut has not paid for itself and U.S. tax revenues are down (source).
    • DJT cancels planned tariff hike on China (source).
    • FDA approves anti-depressant nasal spray (source).
    • FDA chief resigns for unknown reasons (source).

    Wednesday 3/6
    • Trade deficit hits a 10-year high (source).
    • House investigating DJT money laundering via German bank (source).
    • DJT announces overhaul/gutting of Title X family planning program, is immediately hit with over 20 lawsuits over it (source).
    • Administration will no longer report the number of people killed by drone strikes or other counter-terrorism operations (source).
    • Administration to delist the gray wolf as an endangered species (source).
    • Court blocks citizenship question on Census (source).

    Thursday 3/7
    • Administration compiling database of journalists covering the southern border (source).
    • Pentagon not in any hurry to follow DJT's order to leave Syria (source).
    • Program for abused immigrants being strangled by paperwork (source).
    • Trump companies firing immigrant workers that have worked for them for years (source).
    • Cohen sues Trump organization over legal costs (source).
    • DJT treatens to block media from presidential debates (source).

    Friday 3/8
    • Manafort sentenced to 4 years in prison, out of a possible 24 years (source).
    • Over 350 lobbyists work in DJT administration (source).
    • Puerto Rico still waiting on disaster relief aid over a year after hurricane Maria (source).
    • Court rules that immigrants can appeal deportation decisions (source).

    Maps of the week

    Legislative update
    • Legislation signed into law

      • Legislation awaiting DJT's signature

      • Legislation passed in the House, awaiting Senate
        • 5 minor bills
        • 74 total pending bills

      • Legislation passed in the Senate, awaiting House
        • 1 minor bill
        • 7 total pending bills
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      Monday 2/25
      • DJT campaign staffer accuses him of a non-consensual kiss in 2016, for those counting she would be the 20th women to come forward regarding DJT's sexual misconduct (source).
      • Court rules against the draft being men only (source).

      Tuesday 2/26

      Wednesday 2/27
      • Cohen testifies to Congress that DJT is a racist, con-man, and cheat. That he knew about the collusion with Russia regarding DNC hack and that he continued doing business in Russia while campaigning and lots more. (source, opening statement, fact-check, closing statement, summary of what new information was revealed).
      • DJT bans journalists from his dinner with Kim Jong Un (source).
      • Congressman Gaetz, who sent threats to Cohen on the eve of his testimony, now being investigated by bar association (source).
      • DJT inaugural committee subpoena'd, now under investigation by 3 separate agencies (source).
      • Kushner meeting with Saudi crown prince who ordered journalists killing (source).
      • House passes gun background check bill, but it's unlikely to pass Senate and DJT has vowed to veto it (source).
      • Roger Stone violates his gag order to claim that Cohen is lying (source).

      Thursday 2/28
      • U.S.-North Korea summit ends with no agreements (source).
      • GOP releases ad opposing lower drug prices (source).
      • DJT and GOP install conservative judge in California court opposed by California's senators (source).
      • Senate confirms Andre Wheeler as EPA chief (source).
      • Temporary Protected Status restored for immigrants from 4 countries (source).

      Friday 3/1

        Maps of the week

        Legislative update
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        Monday 2/18
        • DJT pick for UN ambassador withdraws nomination (source).
        • Pentagon deciding what to de-fund in order to fund the wall (source).

        Tuesday 2/19

        Wednesday 2/20
        • Supreme Court places limits on civil forfeiture (source).
        • Progress on U.S.-China talks? (source).
        • Immigrant advocacy group sues administration over "wait in Mexico" policy (source).
        • DJT tries to obstruct story about all of his obstructions (source).
        • DJT to create new advisory panel on climate to be led by climate change denier (source).
        • Dept. of Interior officials accused of ethics violations (source).

        Thursday 2/21
        • Immigrant families still being separated at the border despite executive order (source).
        • U.S. farmers lose $1.9 billion to trade dispute with China (source).
        • U.S. banks made an extra $28 billion thanks to GOP tax bill (source).

        Friday 2/22
        • Troop withdrawal from Syria to leave 200 troops behind to help Kurds (source).
        • U.S. farmers receive $7.7 billion in aid to make up for trade losses (source).
        • Pentagon stonewalling on wall (source).

        Map of the week

        Legislative update - No action this week
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        Monday 2/11
        • Immigrants sue administration over end of Temporary Protected Status program (source).
        • Court sides with DJT on building wall prototype (source).
        • NPS reverses decision to use visitor fees to cover park costs during shutdown (source).
        • Butterfly center in Texas files restraining order against wall construction (source), lawsuit is dismissed (source).

        Tuesday 2/12
        • DJT supporter attack BBC cameraperson at DJT rally (source).
        • Board for Federal employee grievances to be left vacant (source).

        Wednesday 2/13

          Thursday 2/14
          • Congress passes bill to avert another shutdown - still no money for wall. DJT says he'll sign it, will declare a national emergency to get his wall (source).
          • William Barr confirmed at Attorney General (source).
          • FTC to levy a multi-billion dollar fine against Facebook for privacy violations (source).
          • Inspector general report says the Education Dept. has failed to hold student loan companies accountable (source).

          Friday 2/15

          Map of the week

          Legislative update
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          Monday 2/4
          • Federal prosecutors subpoena documents from DJT's inaugural committee in criminal investigation (source).
          • More troops sent to the border (source).
          • Two years in and many Federal agencies still operating with vacant leadership (source).
          • DJT nominates energy lobbyist David Bernhardt as Secretary of Interior (source).
          • Iraq says no thanks to DJT's idea of using Iraq to host anti-Iran military forces (source).

          Tuesday 2/5
          • Now that the INF treaty is dead, Russia planning new missile system (source).

          Wednesday 2/6
          • House Intelligence Committee sending all of its Russia investigation transcripts on to Mueller, making stuff said during those hearings legally actionable (source).

          Thursday 2/7
          • House Intelligence Committee planing on doing its job overseeing executive branch (source).
          • Dems begin hearings on DJT tax returns (source).
          • Acting AG Whitaker to testify to Congress regarding Russia investigation (source).
          • Supreme Court blocks Louisiana anti-abortion law (source.)

          Friday 2/8

            Map of the week
              For Black History Month I'd like to salute the nearly 35,000 African American farmers out there

            Legislative update
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            • Leaked memo shows terrorizing migrant children the administration's plan all along (source) - note authenticity of said memo not confirmed.
            • DJT's wall justifications appear to based on the movie Sicario: Day of the Soldado rather than reality (source).

            Friday 1/25
            • Roger Stone is arrested (source, full text of indictment).
            • IRS workers refuse to show up unpaid (source).
            • LaGuardia shuts down due to government shutdown (source).
            • DJT ends shutdown, accepting the exact same deal he was offered before the shutdown - nothing for the wall (source).
            • DJT promptly threatens another shutdown (source).
            • Migrant children being held in unlicensed facilities (source).

            Monday 1/28

            Tuesday 1/29
            • Senate postpones Attorney General confirmation vote (source).

            Wednesday 1/30

              Thursday 1/31
              • INF arms treaty between U.S. and Russia ends Saturday (source).
              • ICE is force feeding immigrant detainees that are on a hunger strike to protest detention conditions (source).
              • ICE sent out fake hearing date notices to immigrants (source).
              • Homeland Security created a fake university as part of an immigration sting operation (source).

              Friday 2/1

              • Feds assessment of the economy: shaky (source).
              • Homeland Security changes H-1B visa program to favor candidates with Masters degrees (source)
              • There are no plans to send the military into Venezuela (source).
              • FCC being sued over Net Neutrality decision (source).

              Map of the week

              Legislative update
              • Legislation signed into law

              • Legislation awaiting DJT's signature

                • Legislation passed in the House, awaiting Senate
                  • 11 minor bills (note in addition to relatively unimportant bills I'm also labeling as "minor" bills that'll never see the light of day in the other chamber, regardless of their content).
                  • 45 total pending bills

                • Legislation passed in the Senate, awaiting House - Senate is missing in action except for passing the CR
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                  Missed last week
                  • DJT executive order increasing logging on public lands (source).

                  Monday 1/21

                    Tuesday 1/22

                    Wednesday 1/23
                    • Pelosi blocks DJT from giving State of the Union speech to Congress (source).
                    • Cohen postpones congressional testimony due to threats from DJT and Giuliani (source).
                    • DJT supports opposition leader in Venezuela (source).
                    • State Dept. border security conference cancelled due to shutdown (source).
                    • The Federal Court system will run out of money next week (source).
                    • OPM threatens Federal employees that aren't willing to work for free (source).
                    • House launches investigation into White House security clearance procedures (source).

                    Thursday 1/24
                    • DJT agrees to delay State of the Union until after shutdown ends (source.)
                    • Commerce Secretary Ross doesn't understand why Federal workers not getting paid would have trouble feeding their families (source - seriously fuck this guy.
                    • Air travel unions warn that air travel is currently unsafe due to shutdown (source).
                    • Cohen subpoenaed by Congress (source).
                    • U.S. starts returning asylum seekers to Mexico (source).
                    • Senate votes down two bills to end shutdown (source).
                    • Documentation that EPA has not been enforcing environmental laws (source).
                    • Ben Carson speaks out against shutdown (source).

                    Friday 1/25

                    Maps of the week

                    Legislative update
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                    Monday 1/14
                    • Courts again block administration attempt to limit birth control (source).
                    • DJT denies working for Russia, he really means it, also he confiscated his translators notes from his last meeting with Putin, totally normal (source).
                    • DJT promises farmers that he'll stop screwing them over any day now (source).
                    • Mulvaney dodging decade old real estate debt (source).

                    Tuesday 1/15
                    • Administration is forcing many Federal workers back to work, but without pay (source).
                    • Federal court denies injunction that would have required paying Federal employees that are currently being forced to work without pay (source).
                    • Court rules against having a citizenship question in the 2020 Census, decision appealed to the Supreme Court (source).

                    Wednesday 1/16
                    • ISIS attack in Syria, proving they're not quite dead yet, contrary to DJT and Pence declarations (source).
                    • Dems ok with William Barr as Attorney General despite his suggestions that he won't release Mueller's report (source).
                    • Senate ok with lifting sanctions on Russians (source).
                    • White House economists increase estimates of how much the shutdown is damaging the U.S. economy (source).

                    Thursday 1/17
                    • Children being taken from the parents at the border more extensive than previously reported, also still going on (source.)
                    • Guiliani backtracks on that whole "no collusion" business (source).
                    • Cohen rigged online polls on behalf of DJT during the campaign (source).
                    • Backpay for Federal employees once the shutdown ends approved (source).
                    • ACLU sues government over social media surveillance (source).

                    Friday 1/18
                    • Cohen says DJT instructed him to lie to Congress (source).
                    • McConnell blocks another bill that would end shutdown (source).

                    Maps of the week

                    Incoming winter storm

                    Legislative update
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                    What I do when given a snow day, new map uploaded.

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                    Monday 1/7

                    Tuesday 1/8
                    • Taliban calls off peace talks with the U.S. (source).
                    • Russian lawyer that met with DJT campaign team charged with obstruction of justice (source).
                    • Turkish president tells the U.S. to piss off (source).
                    • More fact-checking about the border - in short there is no border crisis, it's all BS.
                    • Court ruling releases e-mails between industry groups and EPA officials (source).
                    • While most of Dept. of Interior is shut down, it is still churning out drilling permits (source).

                    Wednesday 1/9
                    • Manafort shared DJT campaign data with the Russians (source).
                    • TSA workers threatening to quit over shutdown (source).

                    Thursday 1/10
                    • As predicted McConnell blocks bills to end shutdown in the Senate (source.)
                    • DJT lies about his promise that Mexico would pay for the wall (source, DJT's website where he promises exactly that).
                    • Administration continues to claim that terrorists are using the U.S. - Mexico border despite all evidence to the contrary (source).

                    Friday 1/11
                    • Looks like DJT really is pursuing the national emergency declaration (source).
                    • Federal workers protesting at White House (source).
                    • Syria withdrawal begins (source).

                    Maps of the week

                    Legislative update
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                    Somewhat abbreviated this week since I'm off on travel, hope everyone is enjoying the holidays.

                    Monday 12/31
                    • DJT orders pay freeze for Federal workers (source).
                    • U.S. fires tear gas at migrants at the Mexican border (source).

                    Tuesday 1/1
                    • Happy New Year!

                    Wednesday 1/2
                    • Union sues DJT over shutdown (source).

                    Thursday 1/3
                    • Dem controlled House takes office, passes bill to end shutdown, but Senate not likely to pass it, and if they did DJT promises veto (source).
                    • Some of the higher profile shutdown effects.
                    • House passes new rules for itself (source).
                    • Troops re-deployed to the Mexico border to help build/repair fencing (source.)
                    • Now ex Interior Secretary Zinke under investigation for lying (source).
                    • Senate confirms FCC members (source).

                    Friday 1/4
                    • Court rules in favor of DJT's transgender ban in the military - other appeals still pending and is expected to go to Supreme Court (source).

                    Map of the week

                    Legislative update
                    • Legislation signed into law
                      • 25 minor bills

                    • Legislation awaiting DJT's signature
                      • 30 total pending bills

                    • Legislation passed in the House, awaiting Senate - it's a new Congress, so all previously pending bills can be considered dead.

                    • Legislation passed in the Senate, awaiting House - no activity
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                      Somewhat abbreviated this week since I'm off on travel, hope everyone is enjoying the holidays.

                      Monday 12/24

                      Tuesday 12/25
                      • Merry Christmas!

                      Wednesday 12/26
                      • DJT and Melania pay a surprise visit to U.S. troops in Iraq (source).
                      • Another child detainee dies in U.S. custody (source).

                      Thursday 12/27
                      • Shutdown to continue into January (source).
                      • Cohen continues to deny 2016 trip to Prague to meet with Russians despite report that his cell phone was there (source).

                      Legislative update
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                      • Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke resigns over shady real estate deals (source).
                      • DJT names OMB director Mick Mulvaney as acting Chief of Staff (source).
                      • Climate change meeting attendees (including U.S.) agree on rules aiming at implementing Paris climate agreement goals (source).
                      • Morale down for Federal employees (source).
                      • Analysis on how many Americans believe DJT's lies, most do not, but a disturbing number do (source).

                      Monday 12/17
                      • New report on Russian meddling shows disinformation campaign used all major social media sites, not just Facebook and Twitter, and is still ongoing (source, full report).
                      • Outline of the various legal cases against DJT, just in case you've lost tract (source).
                      • Texas court rules Obamacare to be unconstitutional - remains in effect as appeal proceeds (source).
                      • Two of Michael Flynn's business partners charged with being agents for Turkey (source).
                      • Roger Stone admits to spreading lies (source).
                      • ICE detainees sue ICE over being denied access to lawyers (source).
                      • Two congresspeople join asylum seekers in crossing the border to see how CBP treats them, it does not go well (source).
                      • Space Force is launching (source).
                      • Commentary on the Mueller investigation.

                      Tuesday 12/18
                      • Trump Foundation to dissolve due to illegal activity (source).
                      • DJT backs down on shutdown threat - still no funding for wall (source).
                      • DJT 2020 re-election campaign and RNC merge into one organization (source) - that is not normal.
                      • Senate passes revamp of the Federal criminal justice system (source - includes a summary).
                      • 83 ethics complaints against Kavanaugh dismissed due to court not having jurisdiction over supreme court justices (source).
                      • Justice Dept. bans bump stocks (source).

                      Wednesday 12/19
                      • DJT announces U.S. withdrawal from Syria. Russia and Turkey celebrate. Kurds and other U.S. allies dismayed (source).
                      • Treasury Dept. lifts sanctions against Russian oligarch (source).
                      • Senate passes funding bill to avoid shutdown, still nothing for the wall (source).

                      Thursday 12/20
                      • Administration plans to kick millions of folks off of food stamps (source).
                      • Senate passes anti-lynching law (source).
                      • House to turn over Roger Stone transcripts to Mueller (source).
                      • Plans to open up Alaska refuge to drilling proceed (source).

                      Friday 12/21
                      • Secretary of Defense James Mattis resigns because he believes the U.S. should have allies (source).
                      • Administration plans military withdrawal from Afghanistan (source).
                      • DJT rejects bipartisan Senate deal to avoid government shutdown (source).
                      • Government prepares for shutdown (source).
                      • DJT signs criminal justice bill (source).
                      • Administration working on report on foreign interference in the midterm elections (source).

                      Map of the week

                      Legislative update
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                      Previously missed
                      • Administration is still separating children from their parents at the border despite ending the "zero-tolerance" policy (source) - I feel outrage is the only reasonable response to this.
                      • Administration removes Medicare/Medicaid training guide for outreach to Latino communities (source).

                      Monday 12/10
                      • DJT defends hush money payments as totally legal (analysis).
                      • Supreme Court refuses to hear Planned Parenthood case, leaving lower courts decisions defending Planned Parenthood in place (source).
                      • WP fact checker creates a new category for DJT lies repeated so often as to constitute a deliberate misinformation campaign (source, list of said lies).
                      • DJT sends climate change skeptics to UN climate summit and they promote the use of fossil fuels (source) and join Russia and Saudi Arabia in denying IPCC climate change report findings (source).
                      • Russian agent Maria Butina pleads guilty to cultivating Russia-NRA ties (source).
                      • Rick Perry is pursuing energy deal with Saudi Arabia (source).
                      • DJT nominates Mark Milley for Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman (source).
                      • U.S. - China trade standoff continues (source).
                      • Courts continue to block Keystone pipeline (source).
                      • House issues report on the Equifax data breach (source).
                      • Education Dept. to fix program that wrongfully converted teacher grants to loans (source).

                      Tuesday 12/11

                        Wednesday 12/12
                        • Cohen sentencing to 3 years in prison (source).
                        • Administration seeks to deport Vietnam War refugees (source).
                        • Congress agrees to make lawmakers pay for their own sexual harassment settlements (source).
                        • Congress passes Farm Bill (source).

                        Thursday 12/13
                        • DJT inauguration fund under investigation for foreign contributions (source).
                        • Immigrant children in shelters almost to 15,000 (source).
                        • Budget deficit soaring, set to pass $1 trillion next year, powered mostly by last years tax cut (source).
                        • CDC reports record number of gun deaths for 2017 (source).
                        • DJT threatens General Motors after they announce layoffs (source).
                        • Court blocks excluding birth control from Obamacare coverage in 5 states (source).

                        Friday 12/14
                        • 7 year old immigrant girl dies in U.S. custody (source).
                        • Senate votes to end support for the Saudis in their war in Yemen - symbolic only since the House isn't going to pass it (source).
                        • China follows through with trade war truce (source).
                        • Courts side with students against Education Dept. over student loans from closed schools (source).

                        Sorry, still no map.

                        Legislative update


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