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16 October 2017 15:48
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Been a strange, nerve-jangly sort of day.

I missed a lecture because there were no fucking buses for 40 minutes. I know I could've turned up late but I was all wound up by then, and I can catch up because the lectures and slides are recorded.

We got the orange sun around lunchtime, it's clear and sunny here now (though still with particles of dust in the air hurting my eyes) but it's gone down south where a million more people are tweeting about it, and a million freaked-out status updates on Facebook and bad-joke tweets haven't helped somehow. That we feel such a sense of impending doom at such a minor change in the quality of the light makes it easy to see why humans had to invent religion.

I didn't feel doomy but I was also pretty sure it was something to do with the hurricane, and the hurricane is because of climate change and that make terrified and so miserable. My anxious brain told me "One day we'll look back on these as the good old days, weather-wise," because my anxious brain hates me.

I slept awfully last night. Went to bed early, woke up after midnight and didnt get back to sleep until five in the morning.

Andrew emailed while I was out saying the washing machine is broken, he thinks he can fix it but I'll need to help. But when I got back home he's out, so I'm sitting here writing this instead. I hope the washing machine's okay, we can't afford it not to be. Don't know where he is, but I think he was going to buy food. And I thought of something on my way home that I wanted but I forgot to tell him to get.

The people next door are having building work done on their house, and the loud whine of the drills makes it hard to concentrate or relax.

I need a hug or a cry or a sleep or a vacation. But none of those things seem like they'd be enough really.

Interesting Links for 16-10-2017

16 October 2017 12:00
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I'm weirdly delighted at this card my grandma got Andrew for his birthday.

He didn't bother punching out and assembling the paper airplane, but I did!

"Maybe it's because she thinks of us as going to visit on a plane?" Andrew said when he'd opened the card and was telling me about the paper airplane in it.

It certainly makes me think of that, now.

I miss my grandma. It was nice to see her handwriting again. She doesn't do e-mail or cell phones or anything, but she used to write occasionally -- it's harder now, because of her eyesight -- and I wrote back, never often enough.

This time of year is often the worst for me missing people. One of the unexpected upsides of university is how much better I've handled the changing of the seasons because of it: I've been too busy to be wistful. But there are moments.

I'll write her a nice letter, thanking her for such a great card.

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14 October 2017 04:26
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:decides that yes she does want to make the noon class:
:considers whether showing up at the late night at 220 am was unclever:
well, yes, but those dances were quite nice.

The whole day was a mess, but as noted it was fortunate the honor flight got there pretty late. They just about coincided with a visiting soccer team who decided that sure, they'd join in the cheering. Which was great. I met the 96 year old guy who will be laying the wreath tomorrow, uh, today. And I danced a little with one guy and talked with him a while. I distributed lipstick prints to take home on badges, and one on a cheek as directed by the photographer.

I talked a long while later, keeping myself from getting to the main dance. Learning about the bus honor flights, and how they also go to the D Day museum in Virginia. And then spent an hour in the parking lot laying some seeds with someone who saw taking a knee as against the military. I mentioned that a navy seal had suggested the knee as a gesture of respect, and then the conversation touched on how it rather sucks that black people are so much more likely to be shot by police in traffic stops. He had strong opinions on trayvon martin, which i ignored in favor of introducing him to Philando Castile, and several others that yeah, he hadn't known of and that was indeed awful. Laying seeds. Teach deescalation. Concepts of unconscious bias. There was more, but i should sleep. I'll try to remember more later.

Then what was to be a short visit with Duncan or initially was to be far earlier in the evening when the Flight was expected to end at 8. It'd been too long. I left 145 and got to the late night at 220, but did get a couple nice dances in. I /think/ it was worth it.

But morning's going to come quickly. Not sure whether to set an alarm.


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