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Followup to the previous post, opening may be more immanent than I thought. We're looking for fairly basic stuff: HTML, Javascript, CSS, any experience with Sharepoint would be a definite plus - probably won't need any more serious programming than that. Resumes can be sent to
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We may have a job opening in the near future for a web developer - it would be a temporary full time gig, probably 6 months, in Beltsville, MD. I'm not sure yet on how much programming would be involved yet, or what we can offer, but thought I'd throw out a feeler and see if I know any out of work web developer types that would be interested, more details as I get them.
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It's official, we have two Paradigm Systems GIS job openings in Ft. Worth, Texas:

GIS Systems / Software Architect

GIS Systems / Software Developer
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In addition to the short-term Visual Basic job we have available immediately in DC we might be getting some more permanent GIS and database related job openings - in Ft. Worth, Texas - more details if/when that comes through.
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We have a temporary job opening for someone that knows Excel and Visual Basic programming. Contract would be for 3-4 weeks, can possibly be extended, especially if you also have some web development skills. Location is downtown DC (USDA building on the Mall) and the job would start as soon as we pick someone. Payment rates are negotiable, but should be pretty good. If interested send a resume to

Edit: feel free to pass this link on to anyone you think might qualify.
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That career matching survey thing:

1. Model Maker
2. Archaeologist
3. GIS Specialist
4. Landscape Architect
5. Cartographer
6. Drafter
7. Industrial Designer
8. Interior Designer
9. Special Effects Technician
10. Cabinetmaker
11. Electronics Assembler
12. Costume Designer
13. Plumber
14. Set Designer
15. Fashion Designer

Not too bad, in case there are any here that don't know, #3 is in fact what I do for a living.
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Yet another work related post. Our IT gurus are planning on doing some web usability testing and are looking for folks with a science/university researcher type background - especially dealing with natural resources - to add to the group. If you think you'd qualify and are interested send me an e-mail at The existing website is
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Whenever I read about a playa ecosystem I can't help wondering how much bling it has.
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Scrub-shrub is really hard to say.
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So here at work we have the Watershed Rehabilitation program. I can't help thinking what the watersheds must have done to get assigned to rehab. Do they have behavioral problems? Get caught hanging out with the wrong crowd? Underage pollution? Pentex addiction? What?
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I'm busy at work today trying to save red-legged frogs, so will probably be out of touch.
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Anyone have recommendations for web forum/discussion board software?

I need one for work - preferably free, but not necessarily. Needs to be easy to install (server is Apache on Unix if it matters) and allow a little customization (enough to match the rest of the website's look). Needs to be easy to use (we're talking govvie exec types here). I expect the volume to the low (around 60 users, maybe 5-10 posts a week).
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Open a 2 page MS Word document and save as HTML
Open HTML in Dreamweaver
Choose "Clean Up Word HTML" option
Dreamweaver makes 1,590 corrections to Word's HTML
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So at work we've re-hired my former boss. It's very weird to be giving the orientation spiel to the guy that hired me and brought me to DC 7 years ago.
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At work our own newsletter was blocked by our spam filter because it contained the word "sexual" in the anti-discrimination statement.
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After having a couple of months with little to do, work has decided to make up for it.

Today I've finished up 20 maps before lunch. Note I normally spend 1/2 to 1 hour on a map.

So if I'm not being talkative today, that's why.
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Finally got around to installing vi on my XP machine. Much happier now.
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So last fall my co-worker created a new company so that we could bid on our government contract that was expiring. As most of you know we were successful. So now we have this company that can serve as a vehicle to bid on Federal contracts and our illustrious president has been thinking about trying to expand. What we'd like to do is build a roster of people that would potentially be willing to work for us. Then if we see an open contract we'll look through our resumes and see if we could put together a team that could fulfill the contract, and if so bid on it. This is of course highly speculative, we don't have any actual jobs to offer, or even any contract to bid on at the moment. What we're trying to do is put ourselves in a situation that if we see an opportunity we can jump on it.

So anyway, if you are in an even vaguely technical field, and are in the greater DC area (or willing to move there if something came up), and are interested in a possible job change . . . then send me your resume.

Conversely, for those of you working for the Feds, if you know of a small contract in a technical field that's coming up for bid, let me know.

Our company is Paradigm Systems GIS.

E-mail resumes to me at .
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U.S. Dept. of Agriculture offices closed due to excess manure.

Sounds like an Onion headline :-) It's true though - snow melt from the big storm is washing pigeon dung off the roof into offices. Till they clean up the mess I have to work from home (oh darn). I can't help thinking of silly headlines though:

Government offices too crappy to work in.

Government overwhelmed by shit.

I'm sure you can think of more .
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Our fledgling GIS company has a job opening for a GIS analyst/cartographer. Candidates must have 5+ years of GIS experience and be familiar with ESRI software. If you or someone you know would be interested please send me a resume. I can give more details about the job if needed, just E-mail me.


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