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Friday 10/6
  • U.S. ends sanctions against Sudan (source).

Monday 10/9
  • Results of DJT cuts to ACA enrollment assistance programs (source).

Tuesday 10/10
  • EPA scraps Obama's Clean Power Plan (source).
  • DJT planning executive order to allow health care plan sales across state lines (source).
  • DJT approves disaster declaration for California fires (source).
  • Def Con releases a report on the vulnerabilities of election machines to hacking (source).
  • DJT says he has no plans to fill Federal government vacancies (source).
  • FEC is currently open for public comment on online political advertisement rules (source).

Wednesday 10/11
  • DJT attacks freedom of the press (source).
  • Administration misses deadline for implementing sanctions against Russia (source).

Thursday 10/12

Friday 10/6
  • DJT "decertifies" Iran deal - essentially saying we are not bound by it, but doesn't do anything that actually breaks it (source).

Legislative action this week

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We're mostly skipping the two weeks I was in Ireland. Of note:
  • Aid to Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria still moving at a snails pace: status of infrastructure rebuilding.
  • DJT waives Jones Act for Puerto Rico, a week after the hurricane hit, and after saying that he wouldn't. The Act was preventing International aid from reaching Puerto Rico and is routinely waived immediately after disasters (source).
  • Venezuela preparing for war with the U.S. (source).
  • DJT seems to be vying for some sort of record on how many times he can insult Puerto Rico.

Friday 9/29

Monday 10/2
  • Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump using private e-mail accounts for White House business (source).
  • Hurricane relief for Puerto Rico very slowly making its way through Congress (source).
  • Investigation into Ryan Zinke's use of taxpayer-funded private air travel (source).

Tuesday 10/3
  • Tillerson vs DJT spat over non-existent talks with North Korea (source).
  • Authorization for the Children's Insurance Program has expired (source).
  • Congress holds hearing on Equifax breach (source).
  • U.S. expels Cuban diplomats (source).
  • House has no plans on moving on silencer bill (source).
  • Scott Pruitt's calendar, mostly meeting with energy company CEOs (source).
  • EPA misses deadline for smog report (source).
  • IRS awards fraud prevention contract to Equifax (source).
  • House passes anti-abortion bill, doesn't appear likely to pass the Senate though (source).

Wednesday 10/4
  • Tillerson's days appear to be numbered (source).
  • White House asks Congress for more relief for Puerto Rico (source).

Thursday 10/5
  • House adopts a budget resolution, this is a procedural move allowing FY 2018 bills involving taxes or the budget to bypass filibuster threats, similar to what the House attempted for their health care repeal efforts. (source, resolution summary, full text).
  • Reminder that the Senate investigation regarding Russia and the election is still ongoing (source).
  • DJT to abandon Iran nuclear deal (source).
  • White House continues doing what it can to undermine health care, DJT personally intervenes in Iowa to prevent 20,000 from getting health coverage. (source).
  • HHS to remove birth control mandate from health care plans, likely to be challenged in court (source).
  • Status of various environmental rules, I've reported on many of these individually, but this is a nice summary (source).
  • DoJ claims the Civil Rights Act does not protect transgender employees (source).
  • Dept. of Interior to throw out sage-grouse conservation plan (source).
  • Dept. of Interior to suspend system for collecting royalty payments from energy companies (source).
  • Zinke attended fundraiser while on government travel (source).
  • Congress confirms Randal Quarles, a Wall St. banker, for the Federal Reserve (source).

Friday 10/6
  • Many of those environmental roll-backs mentioned above are being challenged in court (source).
  • Federal leadership positions still largely vacant (source).
  • FDIC had 54 security breaches in 2015-2016 (source).

Legislative action this week (plus the weeks I skipped)

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Monday 9/11
  • DJT approves disaster declaration for Florida (source).
  • Reince Priebus and White House counsel Don McGahn lawyer up (source).
  • Last months Opioid emergency declaration has yet to translate into any action (source).

Tuesday 9/12
  • 2016 set a new high for U.S. median household income (source).
  • Hope Hicks named new WH communications director (source).
  • House adds amendment rolling back Sessions' civil forfeiture expansion to Defense appropriations bill (source).
  • Congress unanimously passes resolution denouncing hate groups (source).

Wednesday 9/13
  • U.S. stops issuing visas to Cambodia, Eritrea, Guinea and Sierra Leone because those countries aren't accepting their deportees (source).
  • Dept of Homeland Security sued over phone and laptop searches at the border (source).
  • U.S. bans Kaspersky software over espionage fears (source).
  • New House strategy for attacking ObamaCare, devolve everything to the states (source).
  • McCain opens up Defense appropriations bill to amendments. Amendment requiring a new Authorization of Military Force for current wars in the Mideast fails. Expected amendments include one on transgender rights in the military and more sanctions on North Korea (source)

Thursday 9/14
  • DJT attempting to make deal with Democrats on DACA (source).
  • U.S. sticking by Iran deal for now (source).
  • House passes a flurry of spending bills (source).
  • FTC launching investigation of Equifax breach (source).

Friday 9/15
  • DJT to seek extension of his travel ban which expires at the end of the month (source).
  • Vote on DoD appropriations expected Monday (source).
  • CIA seeking permission to conduct its own drone strikes independent of DoD (source).

Elsewhere in the world
  • Genocide in progress in Myanmar (source).


Legislative action this week

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Tuesday 9/5
  • September agenda for Congress (source).
  • DJT orders a March 2018 end to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program currently protecting approximately 800,000 people who immigrated as young children from deportation. (source).
  • EPA is attacking the press over Harvey reporting (source).
  • DJT waffling on alliance with South Korea (source).

Wednesday 9/6
  • DJT and Dems reach deal for 3-month extension on debt limit and government spending (source).
  • House passes Harvey relief bill (source).
  • 16 states sue DJT to prevent the end of DACA (source).

Thursday 9/7
  • Trump Jr. testifying before Congress (source).
  • DeVos moving forward with revising university sexual assault policies (source).

In other news

Legislative action this week

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Sunday 8/27
  • DJT sought Moscow real estate deal while running for president (source).
  • Nuclear weapon overhaul proceeding (source).
  • Military surplus transfers to local police to resume (source).
  • More State Dept. officials resigning (source).

Monday 8/28
  • ACLU suing DJT over transgender ban (source).
  • Immigration and Customs to start destroying records for detainees in its custody (source). (Reporting with caution as I haven't been able to find any source confirming this other than ACLU, I normally consider them trustworthy, but I also usually see multiple sources if a story is reliable).

Tuesday 8/29
  • U.N. ambassador Bolton gives his plan for leaving Iran deal to the press since he can't get in to see DJT (source).
  • Mattis won't implement transgender ban while study is pending (source).
  • National Flood Insurance Program expires end of next month (source).
  • DHS warned local law enforcement of violence potential ahead of Charlottesville (source).
  • EEO to stop collecting pay discrimination data (source).
  • Trump Jr. to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee (source).

Wednesday 8/30
  • DJT attaches strings to aid to Pakistan (source).
  • Freedom Caucus won't back DJT's wall funding over a shutdown (source).

Thursday 8/31
  • Russian lobbyist testifying to Mueller's grand jury (source).
  • DJT orders Russia to close San Francisco consulate in response to Russia kicking out U.S. diplomats (source).
  • Deployment of additional troops to Afghanistan (source).
  • ObamaCare outreach funding cut (source).
  • DJT to donate $1 million to hurricane relief effort (source).

Friday 9/1
  • Sessions claims we're experiencing a violent crime wave, when in reality crime rates are near a 45 year low. (source).
  • Expect a hurricane relief package to be the first order of business when Congress returns next week (source).

Legislative action this week - Congress in recess

Map of the week
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Friday 8/25
  • DJT pardons Joe Arpaio, who had been convicted of violating a court order against racial profiling (source).
  • Details on the military transgender ban (source).
  • Mueller subpoenas Manafort employees (source).
  • DJT to end protections for immigrant children (aka "dreamers") (source).
  • Gorka leaves White House (source).
  • DJT signs disaster declaration for Texas, releasing Federal aid for hurricane relief (source).
  • EPA ends sponsorship of awards for fighting global warming (source).
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Friday 8/18
  • Steve Bannon leaves White House staff (source).
  • Carl Icahn resigns as DJT advisor (source).
  • DJT aims to prevent lawsuits against nursing homes (source).
  • Pentagon's Cyber command elevated to be equal to other military commands (source).
  • DJT plans to expand Guantanamo use (source).

Sunday 8/20
  • DJT announces new Afghanistan policy which will involve sending more troops there (source).

Monday 8/21
  • The sun is blotted out.
  • Secret Service is almost out of money due to DJT's large family and frequent travel (source).
  • White House plans to move immigrants in jails to Federal custody. (source).
  • U.S. - South Korea conduct military exercises (source).
  • Navy temporarily halts Pacific fleet operations due to crash (source).

Tuesday 8/22
  • U.S. restricts aid to Egypt (source).

Wednesday 8/23
  • DJT willing to shutdown government to get funding for his wall (source) (hint to DJT: a government shutdown still won't get you your funding).
  • DJT to pursue military transgender ban within 6 months (source).
  • DoJ still defending Obamacare birth control mandate and IRS rule against tax-exempt religious orgs politically lobbying even though it isn't enforcing either (source).

Thursday 8/24
  • Interior Secretary recommends reducing size of 3 National Monuments, reducing protections in others (source).
  • Court orders web host to comply with White House's data request for IP addresses (source).
  • DoT scraps rule giving preferential hiring to local workers for Federal infrastructure projects (source).

In other news
  • Banks warn that an economic downturn is coming (source).
  • Things are really really bad in Yemen (source).
  • Commercial tanker crosses the Arctic Ocean without needing an icebreaker for the first time (source).
  • Hurricane Harvey to hit Texas this evening (source).

Legislative action this week - Congress in recess

Map of the week
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Not news, but relevant: 2015 FBI report about links between white supremacists and local law enforcement.

Saturday 8/12
  • DJT fails to condemn violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, many GOP leaders unequivocal in condemning rally and some call out DJT for failing to do so (source).

Monday 8/14
  • Sessions labels white supremacist rally in Charlottesville as domestic terrorism and promises DOJ investigation (source).
  • Merck CEO resigns from DJT advisory council over DJT's refusal to condemn white supremacists, DJT promptly mocks him on twitter. (source).
  • DJT reluctantly condemns white supremacists (source, on his reluctance).
  • Mueller investigation including Trump SoHo project - possible money laundering scheme and related cover-up (source).
  • Update on DJT judicial appointments (source).
  • DoJ wants IP addresses of everyone that ever visited DJT protest site (source).
  • California suing DoJ over sanctuary city funding (source).

Tuesday 8/15
  • Three more CEO's leave DJT's advisory council (source).
  • DJT clarifies that in condemning Nazis he didn't mean to condemn the good Nazis, oh and protesting Nazis is bad too. (source).
  • DJT to roll-back FEMA regulation about not funding infrastructure projects that will be underwater in a few years. (source).
  • CBO report on how stopping health care subsidy payments would raise premiums (full report).

Wednesday 8/16
  • U.K., German, and Israeli leaders condemn DJT (source).
  • DJT ends immigration program for minors from Central America (source).
  • NAFTA negotiations begin (source).

Thursday 8/17
  • DJT defends Confederate statues (source).
  • DJT disbands two advisory councils (source).
  • Bannon gives bizarre interview (source).
  • Military leaders issue statements denouncing racism (source).
  • GOP rank and file remain silent on DJT's response to Charlottesville (source).
  • DJT's infrastructure advisory council disbands (source).
  • White House won't release visitor logs (source).
  • Murdoch condemns DJT (source).

Friday 8/18
  • Presidential arts commission resigns (source).

Elsewhere in the world
  • ISIL terrorist attack in Spain (source).

Legislative action this week - Congress in recess

Maps of the week

From the SPLC report on Confederate monuments:

An interactive map on where the Confederate monuments are.

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  • Interior opens Federal lands to coal leases (source) (from the end of March, but only now being reported on).
  • FBI raided Manafort's home last month as part of the Russia investigation (source).

Monday 8/7
  • Russia investigation is expanding. (source).
  • U.N. approves North Korea sanctions, North Korea threatens retaliation (source).
  • Government scientists leak their climate change report out of fear that it'll be suppressed (source, full report).
  • DHS CIO quits after 3 months (source).
  • Enforcement of Wall St. regulations is down (source).

Tuesday 8/8
  • DJT threatens military action against North Korea (source).
  • North Korea threatening to nuke Guam (source).
  • Justice Dept. supports purging voter rolls (source).
  • Commission on opioid epidemic offers its recommendations, DJT declines to take any of them (source, draft report).
  • DJT considering privatizing the war in Afghanistan (source).
  • Administration drops plan for sleep apnea testing for truck and train drivers (source).

Wednesday 8/9
  • DJT set to surpass Obama in number of bombs dropped (source).
  • Administration divided on North Korea response (source).
  • DJT and McConnell blame each other for GOP failures (source).

Thursday 8/10
  • Half of GOP ok with not having a 2020 election (source).
  • Health care premiums set to rise thanks to uncertainty (source).
  • McCain proposes long-term plan for Afghanistan (source).
  • DJT takes some of the opioid commission's recommendations after all, declares national emergency (source).
  • EPA reduces enforcement of environmental laws (source).

Friday 8/11
  • HHS ends teen pregnancy prevention program (source).
  • Global stock sell-off due to US-NK tensions (source).

Legislative action this week - Congress in recess
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Saturday 7/29
  • White House has taken to altering its press briefing transcripts (source).

Monday 7/31
  • White House communications director Scaramucci fired after being hired 10 days ago. (source).
  • Russia responds to sanctions by kicking Americans out of Russia (source).
  • DJT wrote his sons response about his meeting with Russians not being about the campaign when it was (source).
  • DHS to ignore environmental laws in building its wall prototype (source).
  • Visa lottery winners are screwed (source).

Tuesday 8/1
  • Roll-back of environmental regulations is beginning to hit the courts (source).
  • Court rules against de-listing wolves as endangered species (source).

Wednesday 8/2
  • DJT signs Russia sanctions bill (source).
  • DJT lied about receiving phone calls praising him (source).
  • DJT wants to fire commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan (source).

Thursday 8/3
  • White House releases transcripts of earlier calls between DJT and Mexico and Australia, they are rather ugly (source).
  • Senate GOP introduces new anti-immigration bill that is unlikely to go anywhere (source).
  • Scott Garrett, DJT's pick for the import-export bank, which Garrett vowed to dismantle, is facing uncertain nomination vote (source).
  • Blocked in Congress, GOP looking to screw over people's health care on the state level (source).
  • Senate introduces bill that would protect Mueller (source).
  • Senate confirms a bunch of nominations before going on break (source).
  • Senate blocks DJT from making recess appointments while they are on break (source).
  • Secret Service leaves Trump Tower in dispute with Trump company (source).

Legislative action this week - Congress in recess
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Adding an addendum since a lot happened this afternoon.

Friday 7/28
  • Priebus resigns as White House chief of staff, replaced by John Kelly who was leading DHS. (source).
  • Another ICBM test from North Korea, South Korea and U.S. are discussing possible military responses (source.
  • DJT speech to police group, encourages more police brutality (source).
  • DJT says he'll sign Russian sanctions bill (source).
  • Congress asks Federal agencies for everything they have on Kapersky Labs (source).
  • Congress goes into recess without having passed any major legislation (source).
  • Treasury delays closing tax loophole for another year (source).
  • 2018 insurance market still uncertain (source.
  • FDA proposes cutting the amount of nicotine allowed in cigarettes (source.
  • Court orders FAA to regulate airplane seat sizes (source).
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All week
  • Senate investigations continue, meeting with Kushner and Manafort, nothing really new to report.
  • Senate continues its hand-wringing over health care, nothing really new to report, still don't have the votes to do a repeal.
  • In depth article from the Atlantic on what it's like in the Federal government without any leadership using Dept. of Energy as an example - recommended and terrifying reading.

Tuesday 7/25
  • DJT may fire Sessions (source).
  • GOP in Congress supporting Sessions and Mueller (source).
  • New WH communications director purging staff (source).
  • Senate votes to open debate on health care without really having a specific bill to debate on (source).

Wednesday 7/26
  • DJT wants to ban transgender people from the military - lots of people reporting on this as if he actually put a ban into place, he has not, tweets are not laws people. (source).
  • One health care repeal bill defeated, there will be more (source).

Thursday 7/27
  • Scaramucci vs Priebus mud wrestling - just in case there is any doubt the White House communications director referring to the White House Chief of Staff as a "fucking paranoid schizophrenic" is not normal (source).
  • Pentagon confirms no change to military transgender policy (source).
  • Justice Dept. argues that the Civil Rights Act should not protect against workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation - note that is already the case under current case law, but there is currently a legal challenge trying to overturn that. The Obama Justice Dept. had supporting including sexual orientation as a protected class. (source).
  • Congress passes sanctions bill (source) (side note - this is the first thing Congress has managed to pass in over a month).

Friday 7/28

Legislative action this week
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Monday 7/17
  • Sessions wants to expand asset forfeiture programs (source).
  • U.S. approves temp visas to help with labor shortage (source).
  • Court upholds FBI surveillance orders to telecoms (source).
  • Most executive positions in the Federal government still vacant (source).

Tuesday 7/18
  • House GOP proposes budget - note this is different than DJT's proposed budget, though vaguely similar in its priorities, also looks unlikely to pass in its current form (source).
  • House votes to roll back ozone standards (source).
  • New sanctions against Iran despite Iran abiding by nuclear deal, citing missile program and political prisoners (source).
  • U.S. considering sanctions against Venezuela (source).

Thursday 7/20
  • ExxonMobil fined for violating Russia sanctions (source).
  • Christopher Wray approved as FBI director (source).
  • Justice Dept reduces Harley-Davidson's penalties for emissions violations (source).

Friday 7/21

Legislative action this week
  • Legislation signed into law
  • Legislation awaiting DJT's signature
  • Legislation passed in the House, awaiting Senate

  • Legislation passed in the Senate, awaiting House

No map this week because I'm sick.
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Sunday 7/9
  • Trump Jr., Manafort, and Kushner met with Russian lawyer during the campaign (source).
  • DJT suggests a cyber security pact with Russia (source, and immediately backtracks).
  • Comey's memos contained classified information (source).

Tuesday 7/11
  • Trump Jr tweets out documentation of his attempted collusion with the Russians (source).
  • Senate staying in session an extra two weeks to work on health care repeal (source).
  • FDA to consider relaxing rules on reporting faulty medical equipment (source).

Thursday 7/13
  • Senate releases new version of health care bill, still doesn't have votes to pass it (source).
  • CBO reports that DJT's proposed budget wouldn't help the economy or reduce the deficit (source).
  • State Dept. demanding traveler data from all other nations, threatening travel bans against those that don't comply (source).
  • DeVos considering reversing Obama-era requirements for college/university sexual harassment policies (source).
  • Court weakens travel ban by expanding definition of "bona fide relationship" (source).
  • DJT spewing more nonsense about his wall (source).
  • Defense appropriations being debated (source).

Friday 7/14
  • Voter fraud commission doxes everyone that wrote in to the voter fraud commission source).

Legislative action this week
  • Legislation signed into law
  • Legislation awaiting DJT's signature
  • Legislation passed in the House, awaiting Senate

  • Legislation passed in the Senate, awaiting House

    Maps of the week
    • Larsen C ice shelf breaks off

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Posting early this week as I'll be traveling tomorrow, hopefully DJT doesn't do anything super dumb tomorrow (hahahahahcoughhackahem sorry, I'm better now).

Friday 6/30
  • DJT election fraud commission asks states for confidential voter info, states tell commission to go f%^* itself (source).
  • EPA regulatory roll-back in full swing (source).
  • State Dept. reverses decision to end fellowships for women and minorities (source).
  • NASA does not have a colony of child sex slaves on mars (source).

Monday 7/3
  • Court blocks EPA roll-back of oil and gas well emission standards (source).
  • More sabre rattling at China in wake of new North Korea missile test (source).
  • Congress considering bill to stop enforcement of Obamacare individual mandate (source).

Wednesday 7/5
  • U.S. and South Korea conducting military exercises (source).

Thursday 7/6
  • States sue Dept. of Education over student debt relief (source).
  • EU-Japan free trade deal (source, analysis).
  • China also pursuing closer ties with Europe (source).

No legislative action this week

Maps of the week
  • State responses to DJT voter fraud commission as of July 4th

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Tuesday 6/27
  • CBO releases analysis of Senate health bill (source).
  • Supreme court partially lifts injunction against DJT travel ban, will decide on case in the fall (source).
  • California water mega-project moves forward. (source).
  • Lumber trade war with Canada still on (source).
  • Coal industry lobbying against House bill to help coal regions (source).
  • House bill to declare INF treaty void if Russia won't abide by it (source).
  • Homeland Security to build wall prototypes, no plan (or funding) to build wall along the entire border (source).

Wednesday 6/28

Thursday 6/29
  • Health care vote delayed indefinitely, McConnell still trying to cobble something together (source).
  • House committee approves amendment withdrawing the president's authorization to use military force - remains to be seen if it'll go any further (source).
  • White House orders slow down in processing visa applications (source).
  • Treasury announces sanctions against 4 Chinese firms with North Korea connections. (source, China not happy).
  • Federal Reserve clears big banks to go back to risky lending (source).
  • House passes additional anti-immigration laws, passage in Senate looks unlikely (source).

Friday 6/30
  • China not happy about U.S. arms deal with Taiwan (source).

In news elsewhere

Legislative action this week
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Tuesday 6/20
  • DJT and Tillerson on opposite sides of Saudi-Qatar dispute (source).
  • DJT nominates anti-union member for the National Labor Relations Board (source).
  • DJT imposes new sanctions on Russia. (source).
  • Senate debating war on terrorism authorization (source).

Wednesday 6/21
  • 21 states targeted by Russia during election (source).
  • Dept. of Interior planning on losing 4,000 jobs (source).

Thursday 6/22
  • GOP unveil Senate health care bill, 4 GOP senators oppose because it isn't horrible enough (source, comparison).
  • Protesters against said bill dragged out of their wheelchairs by Capitol Police (source).
  • Supreme Court rules you can't revoke citizenship without a good reason (source).

Friday 6/16
  • CIA confirms Putin behind Russian election interference (source).
  • Senate hearing supports Dodd-Frank rollback (source).

In news elsewhere
  • ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi likely killed in airstrike (source).

Legislative action this week
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Monday 6/12
  • DC and Maryland sue DJT over emoluments clause (source).
  • Maybe there will be action on a Senate health care bill? (source).

Tuesday 6/13
  • Sessions testifies before Senate Intelligence Committee - mostly refusing to answer questions (summary).
  • EPA to put methane regulation on hold (source).
  • Senate working on health care bill in secret? Hard to find anything reliable on this and that may be on purpose. (source).

Wednesday 6/14
  • For-Profit schools given the ok to cheat students (source).
  • Senate votes to remove DJT's power to remove sanctions on Russia and are ready to override DJT's veto if needed (source).
  • Federal Reserve raises interest rate (source).

Thursday 6/15
  • DJT is under investigation for obstruction of justice (source).
  • Pence lawyers up (source).
  • U.S. approves Qatari arms deal (source).
  • Senate passes new sanctions against Russia and Iran (source).
  • Senate vote on secret health care bill in the next 2 weeks? (source).
  • Homeland security ok's deporting of illegal immigrant parents of Americans (source).
  • Additional troops headed to Afghanistan (source).
  • DJT to restore a partial embargo of Cuba for no particular reason (source).

Friday 6/16
  • Immigrant children "dreamers" allowed to stay for now (source).
  • Rod Rosenstein may also recuse himself from Russia investigations (source).
  • DJT's lawyer lawyers up (source).

Legislative action this week
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Friday 6/2
  • DJT tells Federal agencies to ignore requests from DEM lawmakers (source).
  • Pruitt: one man's campaign to destroy the Earth (source).

Saturday 6/3

Sunday 6/4
  • U.S. considering sanctions against Venezuela (source).

Monday 6/5
  • Russia attempted to hack U.S. voting machines - note while the media throws around the term "hack" loosely, the allegations of Russian interference in the U.S. election have mostly been about them trying to throw the election via media interference, not tampering with the voting process directly, this NSA document alleges that yes, they were also going for hacking the actual voting machines. (source).
  • Contractor that leaked the above report is arrested (source).
  • Not a news item, but amusing, Wonkette on the above two items.
  • Senator Warner says more states were targeted than that NSA document says, is pushing to declassify details (source).
  • U.S. planning on leaving the U.N. Human Rights Council (source).
  • Honeymoon between DJT and Sessions is over (source).
  • U.S. acting ambassador to China resigns over Paris agreement (source).

Tuesday 6/6

Wednesday 6/7
  • Cristopher Wray picked as new FBI director (source).

Thursday 6/8
  • Houses passes Dodd-Frank repeal (source).
  • Dodd-Frank repeal not likely to pass Senate (source).
  • Health care bill still in limbo and likely to stay there for awhile (source).
  • Comey testifies to Senate investigation, accuses DJT of obstruction (source).

Elsewhere in the world:

Legislative action this week
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Friday 5/26
  • Kushner sought back channel for communications with Russia (source).
  • State Dept. lifts limit on refugees coming to U.S. (source).

Sunday 5/28
  • No G7 climate agreement, Europeans blame DJT, will move on without the U.S. (source).

Monday 5/29
  • Administration planning on cutting anti-discrimination divisions in many Federal agencies (source).
  • Executive Order ends requirement for religious employers health plans to cover birth control (source).

Tuesday 5/30
  • DJT's communications director resigns (source).

Wednesday 5/31
  • DJT confirms plan to leave Paris climate deal, Europe to take leadership of making sure our planet remains habitable (source).
  • White House gives in to ethics office, releases list of lobbyists and conflict of interest waivers granted to White House employees. (source).
  • DJT planning on giving Russia back properties seized by Obama as punishment for election meddling (source).

Thursday 6/1
  • China also interested in keeping the Earth habitable (source).
  • Germany and China vow to strengthen ties in response to DJT (source).
  • FBI investigation looking at Nigel Farage (source).
  • CA, NY, and WA start coalition of states planning on implementing Paris agreement regardless of the Federal government (source).

Friday 6/2
  • Musk and Iger quit White House advisory councils (source).

In other news

Legislative action this week - no new activity

Maps of the week
  • One of the maps I'm planning on presenting at the ESRI User Conference in July


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