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So I think the game went fairly well. My secret, highly evolved strategy of "if you put a bunch of LARPers in the same space they will have fun" seemed to work. I may pass on some choice quotes, such as [ profile] ambug666 cry of "You're killing America." On to the next one :-)
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The opening game of our Idol Hands LARP is today!

I'm excited. *crossing fingers*
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We're having a character generation party for our LARP this Saturday. If you've been pondering whether or not to join us, now is the time to sign up. For those of you already signed up, tell your friends :-)

Basic info reminder:
Campaign LARP in the DC area based on American Gods
usually meeting the 2nd Saturday of the month in the afternoon.
Our 1st game is scheduled for February 9th.
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[ profile] artful_username has posted a new fic for the Idol Hands LARP on the website.

We now have dates - character creation party January 12th, aiming for a first game on February 8th.

A reminder if you're interested in playing, or just learning more, check out the Yahoogroup.
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A huge thank you to [ profile] ambug666 who has set us up with our own copy of the Brassy's Database system. We aren't ready to unleash it on the players yet, but it will be there waiting, lurking in the shadows.
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Since [ profile] ambug666 asked and we haven't decided yet, I'll throw the question out to you LARP writing savvy folks. What rules should we use? We want to emphasize role-playing over mechanics and the characters are going to be Gods, so for the most part they can do whatever they want except when it comes down to PvP. Most of our player base is going to be coming from various White Wolf games, though I expect to have a few from the Brassy's Men crowd as well - so what people are familiar with will be a consideration.
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More on the American Gods LARP. [ profile] artful_username has been busy, we now have a website and a yahoogroup. This is to be a once a month game set in the DC area. We are still very much in the early planning stages, but do sign up if interested. We're still looking to add another storyteller to help run things. Suggestions are welcome - if people already have character ideas feel free to send them to us as it will help with the plotting.


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