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This post is for my sister, since she asked so nice.

Joining me last night at the Melting Pot was [ profile] zammis, [ profile] webqatch, [ profile] museclio, and [ profile] kinksville.

So first was the cheese, with five people we get to have two pots gooey goodness. We go with a sharp chedder in one and some Mediterranean cheeses with dates and garlic in the other. We get various veggies, apples, chips, and bits of bread to dip in them. I like them both (don't make me choose just one cheese), with the apples being my favorite dipping item.

And because you shouldn't have cheese without wine, (and bonus! it's 1/2 price on Wednesdays) I got a very nice Spanish Rioja that went well with everything :-)

After the cheese we got salads, I went with a greek one which I made short work of. Mmmm, olives and feta.

Than came the meat. A couple of large platters of raw meat including marinated steak, lobster, chicken with garlic and herbs, citrus pork, and shrimp. Also some mushroom ravioli, rigatoni, potatoes, and more veggies. With the two pots we get two choices of cooking styles - we go with Mojo (garlic and citrus) in one and Coq au Vin (mushrooms, garlic, and wine) in the other. Also there are a zillion sauces to dip things in once they are cooked, many of which involve yet more cheese and/or garlic so I'm a happy camper.

Finally after we are rather stuffed comes desert. In one pot goes dark chocolate with Chambord and in the other is a bananas fosters concoction. We get cheesecake, strawberries, brownies, rice krispie treats, marshmallows, and bits of cake to dip. They even put birthday candles in the cheesecakes for us :-) Everything is very good, though I think the chocolate wins, all in all very decadent.

Finally we roll out to the cars and must go home. This morning I was still full *grin*

Edit: I need a cheese icon :-)


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