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Shopping season will soon be upon us. Here on my friends list I know I have some amazingly talented folks selling cooler stuff than will be found in the malls, so I'd like to offer you this opportunity to make a guilt-free pitch to my friends list. Tell us about your music, books, crafts, service, whatever, and give us a link where we can buy it. Only rule is that you can only pitch something you do personally. I'll compile replies from FB, G+, and LJ and toss them up on a webpage for Cyber Monday.
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As noted by [ profile] zammis, the house next door to us is for sale- 2BR, 1 BA, done up southwestern adobe style, corner lot, with new kitchen, plumbing, HVAC, etc etc. Asking 239,900. Even a storage -type area. And we won't care about loud nookie noises. ;)
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To my fellow Brunswick/Frederick Pagans - Lexie is trying to do some local Pagan networking - details here.
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As seen over in [ profile] zammis, we're looking for some help for the MSFB gig July 15th. Namely a Tarot card reader, caricature artist, and henna artist - see her journal for details.
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For those of you in the DC area, [ profile] divalion and [ profile] wylddelirium are participating in the DC 48 Hour Film Project. In preperation they are trying to line up people and resources that they might be able to use in their film - if your interested and willing to help then take a look at (you performers and musicians on my friends list especially - I'm looking at you).

In other news Isaac Hayes quits South Park because he's a Scientology whack job.
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Brunswick is looking for people to play at various city sponsored events - there's a brief blurb in the middle of the page here. You can also e-mail Brunswick's recreation person (Geri Reynolds) at for more details.
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Almost forget to post this extra tidbit from last weekend - for the DC area folks.

Got a massage from the amazingly talented Karen Ross, so if you'd like to know a good masseuse who will come to your house and turn you into a pool of goo, just let me know and I'll pass along her contact info.
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Several of you doing that wish list meme have included doing a day at the spa as one of your wishes. For those in the DC area, here are some links to help enable your spoiling.

Both in Berkeley Springs, WV

Atasia - this is an awesome place for pampering, whirlpools built for two, great massages, and all sorts of other relaxation treatments you can get. It's hard not to like a place that has a Serenity Room.

Berkeley Springs State Park - also has massages, cheaper and less fancy than Atasia, but they do have these Roman style baths that are really neat.

I recommend doing both, a whirlpool and massage at Atasia and then take a dip in the hot spring-fed baths.
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I'm looking for a plumber and/or general contractor to do work on the new house, namely adding a bathroom. If anyone has recommendations please let me know.
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In happier news, welcome to [ profile] viddy. He's looking for other Discordian's in Chicago, so if any of you Discordian types on my friends list can help him out - go for it. For an immediate Discord fix in Chicago go to


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