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Last weekend I got to go see the new Coraline movie and thought it was most excellent. I loved the book and thought the movie successfully captured the spirit and was wonderfully creepy. I didn't mind the changes from the book and would recommend both :-)

Yesterday I saw Avenue Q at the Warner theater which is there until the 15th - it was also most excellent. I'd heard most of the music but never seen the play, I laughed my ass off. Among the humor I think there is a lesson there to enjoy life as it comes and that not everything has to be perfect - also, invest in porn.

This weekend I'll be on St. Thomas, busy sitting on a beach in the sun, drinking rum. Enjoy your snow :-)

P.S. LJ valentine's can be found at [ profile] valentines_09, hope everyone has a happy Valentine's Day.
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Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind is coming to DC! We're planning on going to see it on December 21st at 2 pm. Anyone else want to join us? Comment here if you want me to get you a ticket so you can sit with us.
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Pleased to report that One Man Star Wars is absolutely brilliant. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I highly recommend it - for those across the water, he's touring UK next so try and catch one of his shows. Thanks again to [ profile] kestrel127 for hooking us up with tickets.
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A group some of my artist/musician/theater friends may be interested in: Omaemoda.

According to [ profile] sharrainchains they are currently looking for acoustic musical acts, stand-up comedians, poetry readings, dancers, etc. to perform in the festival they have scheduled for December 1-4 in Adams Morgan.
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So on Wednesday [ profile] zammis, [ profile] faireraven, [ profile] sagemcargh, [ profile] wylddelirium, [ profile] danamorrigan, and yours truly left Brunswick at the crack of dawn on a road trip to NYC to see Spamalot. In New York we met up with [ profile] kalkail, Paul, [ profile] chowyunsmut, and Mark. Logistics went smoothly, [ profile] chowyunsmut was running a little behind due to being given the wrong time, but still made it time for the show, so all was well. I love it when a plan comes together.

The show itself was awesome, a big heaping slice of wrongness. I don't remember the last time I laughed that much. There were some bits taken straight from the movie, but it really is its own show. Lots of in-jokes for Python fans, and poking fun at Broadway as well. The songs were great - I thought we we're going to have to scoop [ profile] sagemcargh up off the floor after "You Won't Succeed on Broadway". As [ profile] zammis mentioned, we'll never be able to look at Wash the same way again - two words - sequin codpiece.

Thanks to all that joined us.
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To any men interested in acting, a community theatre in Greenbelt is looking for additional male actors for a production of "Six Characters in Search of an Author." Details here. It's an awesome play, I'd go for it myself if it wasn't in Greenbelt.
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Note to self: Buy tickets for The Producers.

Edit: Done. We're going August 18th.


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