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And we’re back from our cruise with the fabulous Pyrates Royale.

Day by day review )


Other overall thoughts. While we had lots of fun, I'm not going to be in any hurry to do another cruise, it's just really not our style of travel. I don't like having to do everything with large groups of people. The relentlessly cheerful cruise director (fun, fun, fun, we have a funtastic day planned for you, if you're not having enough fun, we'll have some delivered to your stateroom) and the Mandatory Fun made me feel a little like being in a Paranoia game (I think a Paranoia LARP set on a cruise ship would be awesome, hint, hint, hint). We did enjoy getting to spend time with the Pyrates and other fans on the ship, we probably could've done a little more socializing than we did as they are all fabulous folks, looking forward to seeing them all again at faire.

In other news – gaming in Brunswick this Saturday.
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Sorry I haven't been posting much. The pirate feast last weekend was quite fun, but passed in a bit of a blur - maybe getting blasted had something to do with that. And soon I get more piratey goodness as we leave on the Pyrates Royale cruise in just 4 days! Woot! I'll be out of touch next week as I'll be busy soaking up sun and rum.
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Everyone else has left due to the scary snow, so maybe I can write more than one of these today.

Day 3 in tropical paradise )

In other news: Wrongness.
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I'll do my recounting over several posts.

Day 1 in tropical paradise )

In other news: Pogues tickets obtained.


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