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Saturday 7/29
  • White House has taken to altering its press briefing transcripts (source).

Monday 7/31
  • White House communications director Scaramucci fired after being hired 10 days ago. (source).
  • Russia responds to sanctions by kicking Americans out of Russia (source).
  • DJT wrote his sons response about his meeting with Russians not being about the campaign when it was (source).
  • DHS to ignore environmental laws in building its wall prototype (source).
  • Visa lottery winners are screwed (source).

Tuesday 8/1
  • Roll-back of environmental regulations is beginning to hit the courts (source).
  • Court rules against de-listing wolves as endangered species (source).

Wednesday 8/2
  • DJT signs Russia sanctions bill (source).
  • DJT lied about receiving phone calls praising him (source).
  • DJT wants to fire commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan (source).

Thursday 8/3
  • White House releases transcripts of earlier calls between DJT and Mexico and Australia, they are rather ugly (source).
  • Senate GOP introduces new anti-immigration bill that is unlikely to go anywhere (source).
  • Scott Garrett, DJT's pick for the import-export bank, which Garrett vowed to dismantle, is facing uncertain nomination vote (source).
  • Blocked in Congress, GOP looking to screw over people's health care on the state level (source).
  • Senate introduces bill that would protect Mueller (source).
  • Senate confirms a bunch of nominations before going on break (source).
  • Senate blocks DJT from making recess appointments while they are on break (source).
  • Secret Service leaves Trump Tower in dispute with Trump company (source).

Legislative action this week - Congress in recess


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