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So the house renovations are still consuming my life, but we are making progress and I think we'll be on track to list the house within the next week or two. Once listed we can begin the house hunting in earnest, perhaps actually moving sometime in September? Once move is done I want a week with nothing to do other than play computer games. After that perhaps I'll attempt having a social life again, at least I'll get to see a few of you at TCEP.
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And we're back. My computer died about a week ago and I've been spending that trying to fix it, and after I gave up on that, rebuilding it from scratch. I've now regained access to the Internet, my music collection, and Skyrim - so there's my priorities for you. Social media went by the wayside, so if I missed anything important ping me.

In other news my contract at work ran out and the replacement contract has yet to be awarded, so I'm basically on furlough until the new contract is in place (which I do expect us to win) - hopefully it'll only be a week or two.

For the Brunswick folks - don't forget to vote in the city elections today.

For the Chicago folks - I'll be in town Dec. 27 to Jan. 1. Anything happening for NYE?

Also a reminder that after the holidays we have Brunswick Games Day on January 5th, so hope to see you there.
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In reverse order:

Brunswick Games Day is officially on for January 5th. For those of you on Facebook, the event page. Please advertise!

Other events coming up include:

Euroquest, Nov. 1-4 in Pikesville.

Railroad Days, Oct 6-7 in Brunswick, I'll be running a games table.

TCEP, Labor day weekend in Laurel.
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A follow-up to my previous post, the hostel is available to be taken over, but definitely not for free. So I want a little better idea of a head count to see if it would be worth it (if not I'll probably still do something similar, just at our house instead of the hostel).

[Poll #1854275]
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So it isn't for awhile yet, but I was pondering doing something special for my birthday since it's the big 4 0.

What would folks think of me hosting a gaming relaxicon/retreat over Thanksgiving weekend? Basically our usual Thanksgiving, but extended over the rest of the weekend. Probable location would be the Harpers Ferry hostel which is a lovely building which generally goes unused in the off season and means there would be plenty of crash space for folks that wanted to stay over.

Right now just trying to gauge interest level out there.

And yes, I know it would conflict with DarkoverCon, unfortunate, but I think that would only affect a couple of you.
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July 13-14th I'll be at the Annapolis Irish Festival.

July 22-27th I hope to be in San Diego for the ESRI conference, but the Feds are waffling on whether they'll pay for it, so that may get scratched.

July 27th mark's [ profile] radiant_one's completion of class work for her acupuncture degree! We'll be celebrating by indulging in poutine at Victoria Gastropub My how time has flown.

August 4th party at [ profile] auror's!

August 31-September 2 TCEP, one of Maryland's best little game conventions. [ profile] byronczimmer is running the LARP "Miskatonic Archaelogical Expedition" and doling out characters now.

September 5-9th I'll be in the Outer Banks with [ profile] zammis.

September 14-24th I'll be in southwestern England with [ profile] radiant_one (not August as previously advertised).

October 6-7th I'll be running games at Brunswick's Railroad Days, so come and join us.

Sometime late October/early November off to Greece with [ profile] auror.

November 10th party at [ profile] tirani's.
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This weekend turned into a Clean All The Things weekend, which is ok, needed to be done. Yardwork still badly needed.

Finished the main quest line in Skyrim, still awesome.

Saturday spent some time with [ profile] zammis being public members of the community (aka marketing for her business) and afterward a brief appearance at [ profile] keltique's bday party and got to see peoples and watch fire spinning, so yay.

Next Saturday we're planning on unloading a bunch of stuff at a multi-household yard sale in Middletown (4532 Old National Pike, opening at 8 am) for anyone interested.

Next Sunday we're catching up on our Legend of Korra viewing with [ profile] auror, ping her if interested in joining us.

No plans for the 4th, anyone doing anything?
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Sorry I haven't been posting much real content lately, I blame Skyrim and Game of Thrones (I'll just leave that icon up in the corner there).

This weekend I'll be at GCOM Games Days over near Baltimore, hope to see some of you there.

After that [ profile] zammis and I are taking a road trip through the Midwest. Currently it looks like:

May 1 - Tiffin, Ohio
May 2 - Chicago
May 3,4 - Baraboo, Wisconsin - pilgrimage to House on the Rock and Circus World.
May 5,6 - Chicago
May 7 - Muskegon, Michigan
May 8 - Tiffin, Ohio
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A very busy weekend.

Friday we saw the Rude Mechanicals production of A Midsummer Night's Dream in Greenbelt and it was awesome. I can't remember ever laughing that much at Shakespeare. [ profile] random221b did an amazing job. Congratulations to [ profile] divalion, [ profile] tommx, [ profile] velvet_c, and [ profile] riolobo for awesomeness. There are two more weekends to go see it, I can't recommend it highly enough, go get your tickets now:

Saturday was the first of two housewarmings for [ profile] radiant_one, this one for the family. It was a small gathering, but those that made it out had a good time and the parents were being well behaved.

Sunday was the bigger party planned for friends and went very well. Was good to see folks, thanks to everyone that made it out. Much food was eaten, games were played. Not even all that much left over. Now that the festivities are done it'll be back to car shopping.

In other news the date for Brunswick Games Day has been set, mark you calendars for January 7th.

Looking forward to TCEP, join us for more gaming over Labor Day weekend in Laurel. [ profile] byronczimmer is running the LARP this year [ profile] ambug666's Miskatonic Class Reunion), so you can get your LARPing fix in as well.
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Most of you thinking of joining us will hopefully also have gotten an e-mail.

Brunswick Games Day is coming up soon and we've had a bit of a scheduling snafu with the city that has required us to change the date, so please take note - our new date is January 22nd! Same place as last year and still free and still full of gaming goodness.

The website at has more details and has been updated with the new date.

Facebook page will get updated when I'm not someplace that blocks facebook.

Yes this means I'll be hosting events on back to back weekends, that's ok, sleep is for the weak.
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Thank you for everyone that joined us for Thanksgiving and for all the happy birthday wishes. We had a lovely turkey day, and the rest of the weekend as well. I allowed myself to be spoiled by [ profile] zammis and [ profile] radiant_one. Many games were played, and there was port and cheesecake.

We also acquired a new household member, taking in one of [ profile] ilostonjeopardy's cats. PeeJee spent the first few days hiding in corners and sulking, but has now decided that getting pettings is not so bad. Piccolo has grumbled about the new addition, but I think she'll get used to it.

This weekend [ profile] zammis and I are running off to Key West and Pirates in Paradise. We were hoping for sun, but it looks like the weather may not cooperate. Regardless, there will be foofy drinks, and at least it won't snow.

Later this month - I'll also be out of town the 18th to the 22nd - doing the family Christmas a bit early.

Reminder that right after New Years - January 2nd - is Brunswick Games Day - join us for a full day of gaming goodness - Free!

For some light reading: the manufactured doubt industry, blog entry by Jeff Masters inspired by the recent climate change kerfluffle - basically the underlying science hasn't changed, if you want to know the truth on a scientific subject ask a scientist, not a PR person.
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I had an excellent weekend at faire, as seen in the new icon :-) It was good to see everyone.

A quick reminder for the gamers that pre-reg for Euroquest is this coming Sunday. Euroquest is Nov. 12-15 in Timonium, come join us for games.
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Lullaby of Broadway went well, thanks to everyone that came out and played.

This weekend I actually get to go to faire! Hope to see many of you there.

Weekend after that I am hosting a GCOM-Brunswick session on Saturday (the 17th), will probably be at faire on Sunday.

I'll probably be at faire closing weekend as well, though for the Jacqui Macmillan fans I'll point out that she's doing her Drum for Joy workshop in Frederick on the 24th in the afternoon and then a concert later in the evening. Details here.
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Work has been keeping me too busy to keep up with the blogging, which is good for work but sad for the LJ. Last month we had a lovely trip to the Pacific Northwest including Oak Harbor, Victoria, and Seattle. While I haven't had time to do a proper write up I did get our pictures uploaded which you can enjoy here.

For the gamers, this weekend is the Congress of Gamers in Rockville. I'll be there for at least part of it.

I will be at Fires of Venus on Friday only.
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Mid-Atlantic gaming opportunities this fall:

DeRail, August 1-2 in Newark, DE - minicon featuring railroad games.

World Boardgaming Championship, August 3-9 in Lancaster, PA - big con with mostly tournament style play.

TCEP, September 4-7 in Laurel, MD - great convention, I'll be there the whole time with a good chunk of my collection

Congress of Gamers, September 26-27 in Rockville, MD

Lullaby of Broadway, October 2-4 in Hagerstown, MD - weekend long LARP that I'm helping with, we're full on player characters but are still looking for cast.

Intercon Mid-Atlantic, October 23-25 in Gaithersburg, MD - LARP convention

Euroquest, November 12-15 in Timonium, MD - great con featuring Euro-style games - I will be there.

Philcon, November 20-22 in Philadelphia - general SF con that also has gaming.

Darkover, November 27-29 in Timonium, MD - now has gaming.

Also Brunswick Games Day is set for January 2 in Brunswick, MD - a full day of gaming goodness for the low, low cost of free.
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First a LJ-related comment. My work has done something to make LJ somewhat dysfunctional, I don't know what it could be as other sites work fine, and LJ still works fine from my home computer - but at work LJ pages take a good 10 minutes or so to load or refresh. So, I haven't been posting or commenting as much as I used to, but I am still reading what you fine people are writing (except for the twitters - I skip those).

So anyway, currently our lives are being consumed by adventures in flooring. We're ripping up the carpet and replacing it with wood. When the estimator came out we got the pleasant surprise that parts of the house already have hardwood, so we're getting that refinished and the parts that don't will get new (why a house that only had one previous owner has 3 different types of floors, and then covered them up with carpet, remains a puzzle). I picked up the wood the weekend before last and the installers are due to arrive on Thursday. Meanwhile we've been busy trying to clear our crap so that they'll actually be able to get to the floor. The poor kitty is already traumatized, probably convinced that we're moving. Once they're done we'll have the fun task of putting it all back which will probably takes us the rest of the month.

This past weekend I had a fun diversion with Games Club of Maryland's Games Days, games played will get their own post following.

Plans for next month include Free Spirit - I hope to see many of you there. I don't have any official duties this year so plan on spending most of my time relaxing (though if any FSG staff reading this are still short-handing in their dept. I could probably be talked into helping).

I'm also hoping to make to Celtic Fling due to their drool worthy musical lineup. Any one else I know going?
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This is your reminder to save the date. Brunswick Games Day is only a month away. January 3rd join is for a full day of open gaming, absolutely free. This will be the 5th year of the "I Wish I was at Evecon" event. This year we'll have the bonus of having some of the new Essen releases present plus Mystic Station is threatening to have their new card game available hot off the press. I do have some limited crash space available for the nights before and/or after for anyone coming from far away. More details at
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[ profile] zammis and I are once again hosting Thanksgiving dinner - joins us for food, drink, and games! If you're planning on coming for dinner please RSVP here and do bring food, notes on what you're bringing can be done here as well so we don't end up with 15 green bean casseroles. Rides from within the metro area can probably be arranged and we do have crash space available if needed.
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I'm back from Mythical Journeys which was awesome. Many thanks to [ profile] divalion and my fellow track mates. I have a lot to think and write about from the weekend, but I'm not sure I'll get a chance to before I'm off to Germany, so the report may be delayed.

For next weekend I am hosting games on Saturday, do ping me if you're planning on attending as I'll cancel if I don't have any takers.

Sunday I'll be at faire assuming I get all of my packing done before then.

Monday I'm off to Essen - if anyone wants me to do game shopping on their behalf let me know, I already have an order from [ profile] ambug666. Also I'm hoping to do a day trip over to Amsterdam while I'm so close - any recommendations for sightseeing in the area (either in Amsterdam, or anything within about 2 hours of Essen might be possible)? I'll be back home 10/27.

Also coming up is Euroquest, a great local gaming con, Nov. 6-9.

P.S. Anyone here in Philadelphia and not mind having a visitor the night of the 19th? I'm flying out of PHL and being able to drive there directly after faire would save a lot on the driving.
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While on the topic of gaming cons - my next gaming con will be Essen - allow me to squee for a moment (SQUEE!) The next local one I'm planning on attending is Euroquest, which is lots of fun and everyone should go. I will be missing Congress of Gamers because it conflicts with the Lullaby of Broadway LARP which I'm going to be helping out with. Lullaby does still have openings, and it is highly recommend for anyone looking for an incredible LARP experience - go sign up now. After that the next con I'm considering is Darkover about which I'm still undecided, also vaguely on the radar is Philcon.

Also - The date of the next Brunswick Games Day is set for January 3rd, 2009 - save the date now. Our regular GCOM-Brunswick sessions will resume in October (I know I told a bunch of you Novemeber, but I checked the calendar and I will have one in October if anyone is interested).


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