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Status of cabinet picks and other appointments: Hearings are happening this week. New confirmations since last week are Scott Pruitt (EPA). Top levels of government still largely vacant.

Friday 2/17
  • DJT calls the media the "enemy of the American people" (source).

Saturday 2/18

Sunday 2/19

Monday 2/20
  • New national security advisor appointed (source).
  • Summary of planned anti-environment executive orders, stream protection rule repeal signed into law (source).
  • DJT is winning the war on tourism (source).

Tuesday 2/21
  • U.S. aid to Syrian rebels halted (might be temporary) (source).
  • Increasing numbers of asylum seekers fleeing U.S. for Canada (source).

Wednesday 2/22

Thursday 2/23
  • Justice Dept. scraps plan to phase out private, for-profit prisons (source).
  • Bannon says they are working on the “deconstruction of the administrative state” and says many cabinet nominees were chosen specifically to dismantle their respective agencies (source).
  • Spicer threatens crackdown on marijuana (source).
  • NYT fact checking on trade - we have a trade surplus with many places (source).

Friday 2/24
  • DJT wants more nukes (source).
  • Priebus asks FBI to help cover-up Russia story (source)

In news elsewhere
  • Russian consul found dead in Athens (source) - for those counting I believe that's the fifth high level Russian diplomat to be found dead/killed since the election.

Map of the week:

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