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Stickied until the inauguration: Status of cabinet picks and other appointments:, new since last week include Agriculture. Hearings are happening this week, though GOP is caving to pressure to delay some some of them (source).

Friday 1/13
  • Abortion ban introduced in Congress (source).
  • Congress threatens to cut security of embassies until Israel embassy moved to Jerusalem (source)

Monday 1/16
  • DJT describes NATO as obsolete, European leaders are concerned (source).
  • DJT claims to have Obamacare replacement plan (source).
  • Ethics chief threatened by GOP for doing his job (source).
  • DJT open to lifting sanctions against Russia (source).

Tuesday 1/17
  • Tom Price (health secretary nominee) accused of insider training, Betsy BeVos (education secretary nominee) hearing set to go ahead despite her not completing ethics review (source).
  • Betsy DeVos ok with de-funding public education, doesn't know anything about our education system, also kids might need guns because of bears (source).
  • UK sabotaging Middle East peace process to please Trump (source).

Wednesday 1/18
  • Congress aiming to repeal DC local laws including gun control, abortion access, and euthanasia rights (source)
  • Trump team planning some dramatic budget cuts (source)

Thursday 1/19
  • DJT wants military parades (source).
  • Transition team asking Virginia about potential toll roads (source)

Friday 1/20
  • Inauguration day - if Trump does a bunch of day 1 stuff I'll do a special update for it, otherwise see you next week.
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