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A few pictures from recent yard improvements, including a new bat box and blueberries!

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I just saw a fox walk through my yard. Nifty.
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This afternoon I saw a luna moth (picture) in the Greenbelt metro station. I'd never seen one before - they are absolutely gorgeous - and large, this one was about the size of my hand. Always a joy to come across beauty where it's least expected.
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It is so gorgeous outside right now. I want to go hiking. Stupid ankle.
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Note to self:

Walk barefoot upon the earth more often.
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Yesterday was a good day. Saw Rathkeltair with [ profile] mossneko, [ profile] remralltdraig, and [ profile] theshaggyfreak. The concert was awesome. I hearby acknowledge Neil Anderson as God of the bagpipes. More about the show here.

Also in the Celtic rock genre - Tinsmith is not dead! - upcoming shows.

Still haven't figured out if I'm going to the Moya Brennan or Seven Nations concerts later this month. I'm definitely going to Great Big Sea on March 17th though, will do a ticket run at some point.

Unrelated things:

Saw two bald eagles on the way home yesterday - nesting just east of Point of Rocks on the north side of the Potomac. Yay.

Got some [ profile] zammis time. Yay.

What to do this evening? Katsucon? gaming? RHPS? more Celtic music?

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Last weekend:

Inflicted Fellowship of the Ring with commentary on [ profile] zammis :-) We are such geeks.

Spent time wandering Harper's Ferry with [ profile] mossneko. It is quite beautiful in the snow.
I'm looking forward to doing more exploring around my new home when it gets warmer.
If any of you [ profile] healthy_living people would be interested in hiking, I could try and organize something.

Finished coverting my music to MP3s - just over 9,000 songs, whew.

Got my financial info needed for taxes together - seeing accountant next weekend.

Watched Serial Experiments Lain. I thought it might make more sense if I watched it all it once. It didn't. I enjoyed it nonetheless.

This week:
Working. The train has been typically running late, but it gets me to and from work safely.
Brunswick itself hasn't been too bad to drive in. We got plenty of snow, but not the layer of ice that seems to be causing so many problems elsewhere.

This weekends plans:
Playing Civilization with [ profile] aquariumgirl and company! Yay!

Also [ profile] zammis and [ profile] sagemcargh's friend S will be in town, so I hope I get a chance to see her too.

For those needing a gaming fix:
Tonight, hosted by [ profile] chelona and [ profile] voltbang
Tomorrow, at Dreamwizards in Rockville - hosted by Games Club of Maryland
Friday, at Columbia, Damascus, and Silver Spring - hosted by Games Club of Maryland.
The only one of these I expect to make is the Dreamwizards session.

Also a reminder for those of you into Anime that Katsucon is coming up in two weeks. I haven't decided yet if I'm going, but for those considering it I do recommend the con, in many ways it is much nicer than Otakon. Hey, cool, there is also [ profile] katsucon.


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