12 May 2017

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Last Week
  • USDA rolls back school nutrition standards (source)
  • EPA dismisses scientists from scientific review board (source).
  • DJT has been sued 134 times since taking office (source).
  • Macron says American scientists are welcome to come to France (source).

Monday 5/8
  • DJT travel ban still tied up in courts. (source).
  • DJT to start nominating judicial nominees for lower courts (source).
  • Sally Yates testifying to Senate committee on Flynn-Russia connections (source, summary, full testimony from Yates and Clapper)
  • Pentagon pushing for expansion in Afghanistan (source)
  • DJT threatens to cut funding for Historically Black Colleges and then says he didn't mean it two days later (source).
  • FCC flooded with comments supporting Net Neutrality (source)

Tuesday 5/9
  • DJT fires FBI director James Comey (source).
  • DJT sending a certified letter to Lindsey Graham saying he has no ties to Russia - well I'm glad we cleared that up. (source).
  • DJT team divided on whether or not to stay in Paris climate deal (source) (DJT putting off any decision on this).
  • DJT approves plan to arm Syrian Kurds to fight ISIL (source) (It may shock folks, but I approve, Turkey can go &$#* itself).

Wednesday 5/10
  • DJT and Tillerson meeting with Russian foreign minister Lavrov (source) (Russian media reports on meeting while U.S. media isn't allowed to) (reminder that according to the Steele dossier Lavrov was in charge of the Russian election interference campaign).
  • Reporter arrested while trying to ask HHS Secretary Price questions (source).
  • Comey had asked the Deputy Attorney General for more resources for Russia inquiry, that same Deputy Attorney General wrote the memo justifying his firing (source and has since threatened to resign).
  • Senate blocks repeal of regulation on methane - this is the first Obama-era regulation to be upheld by the Senate after the House voted to repeal it (source).
  • U.S. Census Director resigns (source).
  • Senate Russia investigation subpoenas Flynn (source).

Thursday 5/11

Friday 5/12
  • Sessions changes Federal prosecution guidelines to always pursue harshest charges and longest sentences, including bringing back mandatory minimums, to focus on drugs, guns, and gangs - removes guideline that allowed discretion for drug crimes - gotta fill those for-profit prisons with somebody (source).
  • DJT threatens Comey not to say anything bad, also threatens to end press briefings altogether (source).

Legislative action this week


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