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Many of my friends have been posting about all the crap that is going on in world events so I thought I'd spend a little time ruminating about the big picture.

I have long felt that our current society is unsustainable, largely due to it being based on unsustainable economics. Thus I expect our society to collapse sometime in the next 50 years. I don't know how . . . likely a combination of wars, environmental catastrophes, and economic depressions. By collapse I'm not talking the end of humankind, but the fall of the political, economic, and social institutions that govern our lives. I'd imagine that eventually new institutions would arise, but I expect the collapse to be a long process filled with a lot of pain and suffering.

So, given this rather fatalistic viewpoint I'll offer a bit of advice in how to remain optimistic about the future:

Try to maintain the big picture, to some extent be an observer rather than a participant. Pay attention to what's going on and recognize it as part of a process. This can help in not taking the shit going down too personally and in dealing with feelings of powerlessness.

As a counterpoint to that keep in mind that you are still a participant. Stopping the process may be futile, but by all means do what you can to try and make it less violent.

Keep in mind that something will come afterwards and you have the ability to help create that future. I do this primarily by living my life as I think it should be lived and hoping others take the hint and follow my example.

Take care of yourself, live in the present. Don't let thoughts of doom and gloom ruin your enjoyment of today.

Take some precautions to make sure you and the people and things you love survive the collapse (I'm not following this one very well, especially living in DC - note to self: considering buying a place in the boonies).

Recognize the humor, even in horrid situations. Realize that Eris is just messing with us. Remember the Trojan war was her idea of a practical joke. A Discordian outlook definitely helps in keeping optimistic.

For more advice go to Alice Walker, you really can't go wrong there. It is truly unfortunate that Bush has never read her.
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