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All week
  • Senate investigations continue, meeting with Kushner and Manafort, nothing really new to report.
  • Senate continues its hand-wringing over health care, nothing really new to report, still don't have the votes to do a repeal.
  • In depth article from the Atlantic on what it's like in the Federal government without any leadership using Dept. of Energy as an example - recommended and terrifying reading.

Tuesday 7/25
  • DJT may fire Sessions (source).
  • GOP in Congress supporting Sessions and Mueller (source).
  • New WH communications director purging staff (source).
  • Senate votes to open debate on health care without really having a specific bill to debate on (source).

Wednesday 7/26
  • DJT wants to ban transgender people from the military - lots of people reporting on this as if he actually put a ban into place, he has not, tweets are not laws people. (source).
  • One health care repeal bill defeated, there will be more (source).

Thursday 7/27
  • Scaramucci vs Priebus mud wrestling - just in case there is any doubt the White House communications director referring to the White House Chief of Staff as a "fucking paranoid schizophrenic" is not normal (source).
  • Pentagon confirms no change to military transgender policy (source).
  • Justice Dept. argues that the Civil Rights Act should not protect against workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation - note that is already the case under current case law, but there is currently a legal challenge trying to overturn that. The Obama Justice Dept. had supporting including sexual orientation as a protected class. (source).
  • Congress passes sanctions bill (source) (side note - this is the first thing Congress has managed to pass in over a month).

Friday 7/28

Legislative action this week
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