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Status of cabinet picks and other appointments: Hearings are happening this week. New confirmations since last week are Wilbur Ross (Commerce), Ryan Zinke (Interior), Rick Perry (Energy), Ben Carson (HUD). List of vacant positions.

Friday 2/24
  • Major news outlets blocked from covering WH press briefing (source).
  • WH officials also ask congressmen to help cover-up Russia story (source)

Saturday 2/25
  • More on the more aggressive immigration enforcement taking place (source).

Sunday 2/26
  • DJT cabinet working at damage control (source).

Monday 2/27
  • Fact checking on DJT's claim of saving coal mining jobs, determining the truth is murky on this one, worth a read (source).
  • GWB wants answers on Trump-Russia ties, defends press (source).
  • New commerce secretary also has ties to Russia (source).

Tuesday 2/28
  • Executive order to review definition of "water of the united states" (source) - significant as this definition determines what waters the Clean Water Act covers, it's also the basis for pretty much all of our wetlands regulations - and perhaps an easy target as the current definition is ridiculously broad (essentially any water, regardless of size, temporary or permanent, artificial or natural), but using Scalia's definition would leave most intermittent streams, wetlands, and artificial bodies of water unprotected.
  • DJT suggests anti-Semitic attacks might be "false flags" (source).
  • Reality check on budget proposal (source).
  • Summary of DJT speech to Congress.
  • FBI investigating wave of threats against Jewish centers and schools (source).
  • Fact-checking Sessions, the science is in on marijuana combating opioid abuse (source).
  • Sessions gives police departments ok to ignore civil rights (source).

Wednesday 3/1

Thursday 3/2
  • DJT transition team opted not to have any ethics training (source).
  • GOP pushing anti-free speech bills at the state level (source).
  • Airstrikes in Yemen resume (source).

Legislative action this week

Maps of the week:
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