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Last weekend was a trip to Phily with [ profile] radiant_one, not going to do a detailed write-up as there was a lot of overlap with my last trip there and Radiant_one has already done one. New to me was the Mutter Museum in all its weirdly morbid glory, and the Penn Museum, which strangely we seemed to have to ourselves and was quite nice, particularly impressive was their Egyptian collection. It sometimes boggles my mind that we know anything about individuals from that long ago. I wonder if any of my maps will still be around in the year 6000.
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So running way behind on updates as usual, but [ profile] zammis and I did have a lovely trip to Charleston, SC last month..

report and pictures under the cut )
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So, only a couple weeks late, [ profile] zammis and I spent a long weekend in Mt. Gretna, a little resort town, just outside Lancaster County (aka Amish land), founded as part of the Chautauqua movement.

details of our trip are under the cut - Wine! Amish! Wolves! Pirates! )
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I’m back from another trip, this time to the island of Aruba, with [ profile] auror as my traveling companion. Less than an hour after landing I’m on the beach with a cocktail, Aruba definitely gets bonus points there. For a desert island it proved more humid, cloudy, rainy, and full of mosquitoes than I was expecting. That’s all thanks to Sandy who’s outer edges were with us throughout our stay. In retrospect that may have been a good thing as it probably kept us from melting in the heat. Overall it's a pretty lazy vacation, spent eating, drinking, reading, and playing games. Pictures are here.

Details are under the cut. )
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Sadly the end of our trip, our last day is spent visiting the Roman Baths.

Days 9 and 10 - Bath and homeward bound )
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It’s the autumn equinox, not exactly a coincidence that we’ve chosen today to visit Stonehenge and Avebury.

Day 8 - Stonehenge and Avebury )
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Today we head off to Neo-Pagan central, aka Glastonbury, aka Avalon. Michele's pictures.

Day 7 - Glastonbury )
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Good bye to Cornwall, on to the second part of our trip seeing Somerset and Wiltshire, but first a drive across Dartmoor. Michele's pictures.

Day 6 - Dartmoor )
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In retrospect probably my favorite day of the trip, lots of stunning coastal scenery. Details under the cut. Michele's pictures.

Day 5 - St Michael’s Mount, Penzance, and St Agnes )
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You can see all of our trip on Google Maps. Days 1 through 7 are on the first page, you have to click on 2 or next to get days 8 through 10. My photo album, though [ profile] radiant_one took lots more photos than I did.

Day 1 - Arrival and Salisbury )
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I'm off to England and will be out of touch for the next week, report and pictures when I get back.
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Last week I was in the Outer Banks for my cousin's wedding. Not a whole lot to report, it was way too hot to actually go outside, so we didn't see much of the Banks. The wedding itself was lovely, a short ceremony right on the beach. It was nice to have something to celebrate especially after our families recent deaths. We stayed at the north end of the Banks and our brief touristy outings were to take a look at the Currituck lighthouse, a wine tasting that was a bit of a bust, a visit to one of the mustangs from the roadless bit of the island, and finally a stop at the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kitty Hawk. The memorial was pretty neat with replicas of the Wright's glider and airplane and stones marking the distances of their first flights. Mostly though we just took it easy and hung out with the family, it was good to have some family time.

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I'm currently planning for my next trip across the pond, I'll be headed to Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall sometime, probably in August. Any of you that have been there have any favorite spots to recommend?
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And we're back. Did I miss anything? Anyway, continuing adventures are under the cut.

Michigan and the journey home )
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The thunderstorms we’ve been dodging since going on vacation finally caught up to us today, so I thought I’d write up our adventures so far. Much of this trip has been visiting family and showing [ profile] zammis some of the schlocky midwest tourist places I remember from being a kid.

Ohio, Chicago, Wisconsin, full travel report and picture links are under the cut )
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Sorry I haven't been posting much real content lately, I blame Skyrim and Game of Thrones (I'll just leave that icon up in the corner there).

This weekend I'll be at GCOM Games Days over near Baltimore, hope to see some of you there.

After that [ profile] zammis and I are taking a road trip through the Midwest. Currently it looks like:

May 1 - Tiffin, Ohio
May 2 - Chicago
May 3,4 - Baraboo, Wisconsin - pilgrimage to House on the Rock and Circus World.
May 5,6 - Chicago
May 7 - Muskegon, Michigan
May 8 - Tiffin, Ohio
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A travelogue of my recent trip to Maine and New Brunswick with [ profile] radiant_one on our quest to see the Bay of Fundy. Pictures are over here or Michele's pictures are here.

adventures are hidden under here )
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The continuing saga of our adventures at Lake Tahoe.

The day by day account - part 2 )

In case you missed it pictures are located here.


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