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So, [ profile] theferrett is thinking about writing a book about polyamory. If you haven't read his polyamory essays I recommend doing so, some of the best stuff on poly that I've ever read - and a lot of it is good advice for any relationships, not just poly ones. Anyway, he's looking for comments on what he should cover in the book, if interested check out the link above.
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This is awesome, thanks to [ profile] chelona for the link:

I'm In An Open Relationship With The Lord
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In case you haven't seen it elsewhere Poly marriage in The Netherlands.

Just about anything I'd have to say about it has been said here.
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Stolen from [ profile] metaquotes:

... She explained polyamory to her mother-in-law, whose response was "That's just wrong.... It should be either multiamory or polyphilia, but this mixing of Greek and Latin roots? No. Wrong."
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I just want to point out the existence of the bipolypagangeekBi Poly Kinky Pagan Gamer Geeks community.


4 May 2004 23:23
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Why am I poly? (What the hell is poly?)

Because I don't believe that my love for one person diminishes my ability to love another as well and I do not want to have to restrict my love to just one. There are many wonderful people out there and I want to be open to the possibility that I might fall in love with more than one of them.

As most of you know, I am happily in love with Zammis. I do not want to keep her to myself. I'd like others to have the opportunity to find out what an awesome lover she is. I like seeing the joy on her face when she's found someone new. I feel quite fortunate that she feels the same way about me.

I enjoy touch and physical affection. I like being able to share that with my friends and not worry that I'm going to upset Zammis.

I enjoy giving pleasure.

I enjoy saying yes.
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Signs of an abusive relationship. If any of you find yourselves in this type of relationship LEAVE. ASAP. Do not give your partner "one more chance." You are better off alone. No one deserves that.


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