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[ profile] phirefly wrote a very nice bit of fiction about her characters coming of age.
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So, this was my first time GMing a weekend long LARP. I can say with confidence that you people that do this all the time are crazy. Still, the weekend went very well. Our players all had a wonderful time. One of our meta-goals was to run a game that would give people from different LARP communities a chance to meet and play with folks from outside their regular group. In that it succeeded admirably, we had great players and the quality of role-playing we saw was amazing.

The story and some of the highlights )
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I'm home from In The Dark Times. The game went very well, but I'm exhausted and going to sleep. I'll give a report tomorrow.
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Only three days to go till In The Dark Times. I'm both excited and a bit nervous, so far I've succeeded in my Don't Panic rolls. I think we'll be ready, only big thing on the agenda is getting the character packets done. Weather looks promising.
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In The Dark Times Registration closes forever August 7th.

You've been given a last minute reprieve to think about it one more time - but on August 7th, the registration page for In the Dark Times will be taken down and that will be all. [ profile] wanderingbastet that means you :-)

People who aren't sure they can handle their first LARP experience being so immersive, people who are looking for a bit of a lower key experience, are still highly encouraged to sign up to be a cast member. You will have downtime, and yet still get to interact with people. Cast people still need to fill out the registration form.

We've had conversations with a lot of people who were thinking about coming. The game is about a month away now, so it's time to make up your mind. And register!
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In the Fae village of Maon the Midsummer celebrations are done. While bellies are still full from the feasting thoughts are already turning to the Autumn festivals of Lughnasa and Mabon. The Lords and Ladies of the Autumn Court are likely to make an appearance. Are you ready?

Now would be an excellent time to register for In The Dark Times, especially if you'd like some say in what character you play.
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I'm back from the '48 game - was wetter and more tiring than I would have liked, but still a great game. Congrats to the GMs. Also learned the tech stuff I need to know for In The Dark Times, which was the main reason for going. Now we just need to finish writing it :-)

Meanwhile I have a little over a week until Free Spirit. I plan on being there Wednesday through Sunday and will be repeating some of the events from last year, namely the Freeze and Paganism and Gaming. If you're there do come and say hi, I'll most likely be found at cabin 2.

Meanwhile, I hope I can spend most of this week sleeping. Urrrrrr.

P.S. I've not been keeping up with LJ, if you need to reach me ping me via AIM.
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A reminder that this is the last day to register for In The Dark Times before the price goes up.
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Also, work is proceeding on In The Dark Times. Del is ready to start writing characters. If you are thinking of joining us (and you should, because it's going to be the best LARP ever) we encourage you to register early and give us your character ideas - the sooner we get them the more time we have to write stuff tailored to you. If you have questions about the setting feel free to ask.
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The In The Dark Times web site for the Changeling LARP we're planning for next year has been updated, still not a whole lot up there, but there's at least a little content. Plus there's a yahoogroup you can join. Hope to have it fleshed out and get the registration page up soon.
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Had a great time camping at the site we're going to use for In The Dark Times. I'm excited about the game, being able to visualize it on the land definitely helps. We were reminded that we're going to need some tech crew for the game, so if you're interested let me or [ profile] wylddelirium know.


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