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Another TCEP down, a great local game convention. Games played: Alhambra, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Golem Arcana, Kingdom Builder, Lanterns, Russian Railroads (x2), 7 Wonders, Shear Panic, Splendour (x3), Thurn & Taxis (x2), Ticket to Ride (Switzerland), Ubongo.

New game of note was Golem Arcana, a computer assisted miniatures game. By the designer of BattleTech and felt it, as the golems were basically mechs with magic added. I was really impressed by the app, miniatures games can often be quite complex and this was no exception, but most of the complexity is handled by the app, making game play much faster and you can just play intuitively without having to remember or look up the gajillion modifiers to this and that. Also the miniatures look great. I doubt I'll buy it as I don't think I'd have the opportunity to play regularly, but would definitely play again.
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Games played:

Alchemists, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Istanbul, Machi Koro, Robinson Crusoe, Russian Rails, Splendor (at least 3 times), Stone Age, The Game of 49, Thurn & Taxis, Unpublished Prototype

Honorable mention to Panamax, which I did not get to play, but looked really cool.

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Ok, I wasn’t going to write about Gamergate as I don’t think I have any Gamergate supporters among my readers (if you are you can go ahead and unfriend me now) and I usually try to avoid preaching to the choir, besides which I wouldn’t be considered a "real" gamer by Gamergate types anyway as I don’t play the right kinds of games. If you don’t know what Gamergate is, count yourself lucky and move on. In case I have any game industry readers (which seems slightly more likely), I just want to say, for the love of the hobby, please do not feel a need to cater to the Gamergate crowd. They do not represent gamers, they are a tiny sliver of the market and those are not the customers you want. You are already losing customers to that type . . . I should be an ideal customer, I have money and happily spend many hours on end playing games, but I won’t play multi-player video games because of the high asshole percentage among many game user communities. Games going more mainstream is a good thing, diversity in games is a good thing, and when you have a choice between making your games friendly to people that dislike assholes, or making games friendly to misogynist assholes who think death threats are funny . . . this should not be a difficult choice. #GamersComeInAllGenders
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As a follow-up to that, I'm trying to reduce my game collection, a list for sale is at along with some videos and a desk and entertainment center. First come first served, comment here or private message me with what you want.
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Last weekend I attended Games Club of Maryland's Game Days and played the following:

Atlantic Star, Bang dice game, Bruges, Forbidden Desert, Ginkgopolis, Kingdom Builder, Little Devils, Lords of Waterdeep (x3, once with expansion), Settlers of Catan, Smallworld, Splendor (x3), Stone Age, String Railway, Underground

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Will be short since I didn't like this year very much. Starting out spending the 1st quarter out of work was not good. The financial hit from that left me feeling like I was playing catch up the rest of the year, and both [ profile] zammis and [ profile] radiant_one struggled quite a bit. The shutdown in the fall didn't help. Did I do anything useful with the enforced time off? No, I became even more hermity than usual and mostly played computer games, though in fairness Skyrim is pretty frickin' awesome. I also played a lot of Ingress, a sort-of virtual geocaching game - join the Enlightened, free on Android. Only travel was a weekend trip to Mt. Gretna, PA and visiting family for the holidays. Highlight was [ profile] radiant_one finishing grad school, that at least was definitely a cause for celebration.

Best books: Digger by Ursula Vernon, Daughter of the Sword by Steve Bein, The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver

Best new to me music: Thea Gilmore, Murphy's Heart; Salsa Celtica, El Camino; Ramblin' Sailors, Bright Shining Clear. Ramblin' Sailors also get best concert attended.

Best new board game: probably Lewis & Clark, though I've only played it twice. Most played game is probably Kingdom Builder.

Best movie: I didn't get to see many, probably Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing.

Best TV: Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Downton Abbey

Computer games: I've actually gotten more into them than I used to be. Besides Skyrim and Ingress, also lost quite a bit of time to Victoria II, Civ, and various older games like Master of Orion II thanks to Lost a weekend to LOTRO. Am currently eyeing Assassin's Creed IV and Europa Universalis IV.
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As usual had much fun at Euroquest last weekend.

Games played: Alhambra, Bruxelles 1893, Canterbury (x2), Incan Gold (x2), Keltis (x2), Kingdom Builder, Lewis & Clark (x2), Oh Sushi!, Quirkle, St. Petersburg, Thurn & Taxis, Ticket to Ride: 1910 and Switzerland, Vegas Showdown

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Another great TCEP this past weekend. Games played: Alhambra, Dixit, Dominion, Galaxy Trucker, Guillotine, Keltis, Kingdom Builder, Meteor, Nefarious, Rise of Augustus, Roll Through the Ages, Seven Sisters, Ticket to Ride, Union Pacific, Wizard's Brew.

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We're officially on for January 4th. Free day of gaming in Brunswick, MD. Invite your friends. or on facebook at
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A last call for TCEP, for those of you going if you want me to bring anything specific from my game library let me know.
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In reverse order:

Brunswick Games Day is officially on for January 5th. For those of you on Facebook, the event page. Please advertise!

Other events coming up include:

Euroquest, Nov. 1-4 in Pikesville.

Railroad Days, Oct 6-7 in Brunswick, I'll be running a games table.

TCEP, Labor day weekend in Laurel.
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A follow-up to my previous post, the hostel is available to be taken over, but definitely not for free. So I want a little better idea of a head count to see if it would be worth it (if not I'll probably still do something similar, just at our house instead of the hostel).

[Poll #1854275]
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So it isn't for awhile yet, but I was pondering doing something special for my birthday since it's the big 4 0.

What would folks think of me hosting a gaming relaxicon/retreat over Thanksgiving weekend? Basically our usual Thanksgiving, but extended over the rest of the weekend. Probable location would be the Harpers Ferry hostel which is a lovely building which generally goes unused in the off season and means there would be plenty of crash space for folks that wanted to stay over.

Right now just trying to gauge interest level out there.

And yes, I know it would conflict with DarkoverCon, unfortunate, but I think that would only affect a couple of you.
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A follow-up on Miskatonic School for Girls, I did get a chance to play it on Saturday. It's a card game where the theme is a girls school where the staff/faculty are various Mythos creatures and the object is to be the last one with any sanity left. It's a deck building game, but without a whole lot of choices. You purchase students to build up your own deck, and faculty to go in your opponents deck, and then the students and faculty duke it out and if the students lose so does your sanity. Your choice each turn boils down to either help yourself or hurt your opponent. Overall feel of the game was kind of like Ascension mixed with a "take that" game like Munchkin or Red Dragon Inn. I am kind of meh on it, it was ok, but very random - from the publisher description I was hoping for a little more depth there. This is based on just one play, I'll give it a few more and see if it grows on me. My initial impression is that fans of Munchkin-type games will probably like it, but those hoping for more in the deck building genre will probably be disappointed.
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Wil Wheaton hosting a show in which geek celebrities play board games:

I'll be in my bunk.
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Miskatonic School for Girls has arrived, sadly a couple days late for Madicon. Hopefully I'll get a chance to play it this weekend and will post a review.
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Lots of good gaming at Madicon, ended up being heavy on the deck-building games. Games played: Ascension, Bananagrams, Colosseum, Dominion (x2), Eminent Domain, Last Night on Earth, Race for the Galaxy, Small World, Thunderstone (x2), Ticket to Ride.
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You know you're a geek when you join the rebellion because General Tullius is a frakkin' Cylon.
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Skyrim is best played while drinking mead.
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Skyrim acquired, it's been nice knowing you all.


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