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Ok Internet, Ziva David vs Jaqen H'ghar. Make it happen.
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Why did I not know about Breendoggle before today? I mean yes, it was before I was born, but considering Marion Zimmer Bradley's stature in fandom I would've thought I'd have come across her defending child rape before now. Links to MZB's testimony, which is pretty damning are here. Discovered thanks to this article and MZB's daughter's response. Thanks to [ profile] andrewducker for the link. Rather upsetting stuff to put it mildly.
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So there has been quite a bit of discussion about whether there is a problem with sexual harassment within the fandom community (there is), and how not to be That Guy. What I haven't seen as much of is what to do as a third party witness. This most excellent post by [ profile] ursulav describes an incident at a con and her reaction. Go read it.

As someone that's been a con volunteer I want to emphasize what I think pretty much anyone that has staffed a con has emphasized: a con can't do anything about incidents if they don't know that they happened. Tell somebody! Cons want to create a safe environment, but staff can't be everywhere at once.

Related, on reporting harassment.
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Thanks to [ profile] andrewduckerfor the link. N.K. Jemisin speech on needing a "reconciliation" to help SF/F's get past its problematic history (re racism, misogyny, etc.) For my part I would like to be part of a fandom that's at the forefront of cultural change rather than a reactionary holdout - however we get there.
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Game of Thrones had a character take an arrow to the knee. I was amused. Also, a geek.
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It has been brought to my attention that there is Dr. Who burlesque here in D.C. on April 27th. I figure this may be of interest to some of you.
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Words fail trying to describe the sqeeeworthiness of this.


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