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Also a reminder that we are doing a benefit for Jaqui MacMillan on Dec. 10th, plans on that are firming up quite nicely. Tickets should go on sale early next week. Details at Sam and I will be hosting a faire themed table and would love to have you join us, especially those that we didn't get to see nearly enough of at faire this season. It'll be a fun evening, and I know you really need more excuses to wear your garb. If you'd like to be part of our table just let Sam or I know.
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Lullaby of Broadway went well, thanks to everyone that came out and played.

This weekend I actually get to go to faire! Hope to see many of you there.

Weekend after that I am hosting a GCOM-Brunswick session on Saturday (the 17th), will probably be at faire on Sunday.

I'll probably be at faire closing weekend as well, though for the Jacqui Macmillan fans I'll point out that she's doing her Drum for Joy workshop in Frederick on the 24th in the afternoon and then a concert later in the evening. Details here.
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And Privateer Feast tickets go on sale January 14th. I don't want to hear any bitching about not knowing when they go on sale.
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I had much fun at TCEP, many (pirate) games were played, was good to see people, especially [ profile] blackpaladin and [ profile] angel_vixen who came all the way from Pittsburgh. Also got to spend much time with the lovely [ profile] auror which was nice. My apologies to [ profile] stevemb and [ profile] starmalachite who I didn't get to play any games with - I blame OOTS.

So, games played, Friday: Red Dragon Inn which you should all have on pre-order already, and The End of the Triumvirate a three player wargame that we were playing with only 2, I want to play again with 3 before passing judgement on it.
Saturday: India Rails (which took too long), Kahuna, Louis XIV, Puerto Rico, San Juan, Winds of Plunder (twice)
Sunday: a very long game of Order of the Stick (yes we actually finished, and I won even!), Plunder (which I still haven't decided if I like), and Skallywaggs (which took way too long for what it is).
Monday: Plague & Pestilence and pack out.

Since things were breaking up early on Monday I decided to head out to faire for a few hours. Still a little warm for me, but was very nice to see people and I especially enjoyed the Pyrates "Your Mom" Royale.

Next weekend either faire or TriaDCon, leaning towards con on Saturday and faire on Sunday, but will see what the weather is like.

Also extra-special reason to come to Brunswick this Friday as John DuRant (who some of you may know better as Jonathon Strum) will be hosting a bunch of renny musicians, including some of the Pyrates and [ profile] meapet's band, Letter of Marque, at Beans in the Belfry starting at 7.
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And we’re back from our cruise with the fabulous Pyrates Royale.

Day by day review )


Other overall thoughts. While we had lots of fun, I'm not going to be in any hurry to do another cruise, it's just really not our style of travel. I don't like having to do everything with large groups of people. The relentlessly cheerful cruise director (fun, fun, fun, we have a funtastic day planned for you, if you're not having enough fun, we'll have some delivered to your stateroom) and the Mandatory Fun made me feel a little like being in a Paranoia game (I think a Paranoia LARP set on a cruise ship would be awesome, hint, hint, hint). We did enjoy getting to spend time with the Pyrates and other fans on the ship, we probably could've done a little more socializing than we did as they are all fabulous folks, looking forward to seeing them all again at faire.

In other news – gaming in Brunswick this Saturday.
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Dan the Master Joyner has passed away, more details from [ profile] faireraven here.

Dan, you will be missed.
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I'm a little behind on regular what have I been up to updates, so ...

Last Thursday - scotch tasting from the Highland Park distillery - all I can say is Yum!

Gaming goodness )Faire goodness )
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I will be emerging from the haze of LARP prep to attend faire on Monday.
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From [ profile] thatliardesmond here.

David Baker, aka Bagel, died last night.

I wouldn't expect anyone outside the ren faire community to know who he was, but he was a bit of Eris personified. Death is all the more shocking when it happens to someone that was more Alive than most.

Rest in peace Bagel, may your juggling entertain the Gods.
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A sad time for the McArghs, Reba's father, Ed Smith, passed away on Thursday. If anyone is interested in funeral arrangements that doesn't already have them let me know and I'll pass them along.
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A quick plug for those that don't know about it - tickets for the Privateer Feast ( went on sale today. This is a great event for those that would like a dose of faire in the off-season.

Unfortunately my step-sister chose the same weekend for her wedding, so I probably won't be able to attend. :-(
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Batch 2:

Where the hell do I know you from? I don't remember

If we've met it was at faire, but I'm not sure that we have. I may have added your LJ just because you were a faire-going poly Pagan gamer geek that lived in the area.

When was the first time you went to a Renaissance Festival?

When I was a teenager I went to what was then called King Richard's Faire (now Bristol) near Chicago a few times, I lived a little bit too far away to go regularly, but even so I had thoughts of trying to work there. In college I went once to the Minnesota faire. In grad school I was on staff for the Shrewsbury faire in Oregon.

Where would you say you stand spiritually?

The long answer to that is written up here. I'll usually call myself eclectic Pagan or Discordian witch depending on my mood. I was introduced to Paganism through Starhawk and the Reclaiming tradition. Since doing that write up I've drifted a little away from Wicca and incorporated more native/shamanistic ideas into my beliefs.

And what's better Nougat or Marshmellow Fluff?

Nougat, I don't like the Marshmellow Fluff.

What can you do with a drunken sailor?

Shave his belly with a rusty razor among other things.
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Good weekend. Lots of good [ profile] zammis time. Attended faire on Saturday, but it was way too hot. Did enjoy getting to see peeps, but we decided to cut out early.

Rather than spend another day overheated at faire I spent Sunday playing games instead, played Tales of Arabian Nights and You Need Drew's Truck.

In other news my pucking rat's name is Yuki.

Thanks to [ profile] dingokaka I now know about Iron Horse Bluegrass - listen to this sample mp3 - I dare ya.

Next weekend I'll be at faire both days. Arrrr!
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I will be at faire this weekend. Definitely Saturday. Maybe Sunday as well if I get some work done on the Dark Times website today.
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Had lots of gaming fun on Saturday, thanks to everyone that came out.

Sunday went to faire, if I knew the weather people were liars I wouldn't have gone - was too hot for me, but I still had fun. Hung out most of the day with [ profile] wanderingbastet and friends and a large amount of food. Saw many other peeps throughout the day and had a lovely dinner with friends afterwords, so yay. I'll probably be back in a couple of weeks.

Funniest faire moment - Emrys Fleet telling the Aristocrats joke - story related here.

Tonight: 7 Nations and Wolfstone. Woot.
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I will be going to faire after all, see you all soon.
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Burkittsville, MD has a neat 18th century style "general store" that has all sorts of stuff that might be of interest to re-enactors and faire folk. It's the only store in town so you should be able to find it.
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I'm hosting gaming this Saturday in Brunswick from 1-7. It'll be at the local coffee shop rather than my place for a change of scenery. Directions are on my webpage at
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Hope everyone had a good 4th of July weekend.

Saturday: Sam and I ended up going with a Japanese theme for the MS Fantasy Ball. Had a very good time, saw lots of peeps, much money was raised. Lots of great costumes, there was even a monkey :-) Sadly I didn't win any of the cool stuff, but Sam got a couple of funky hats.

Sunday: We went and partyed with a bunch of LARPer freaks and much fun was had. Alcohol was consumed, fireworks were blown up, there was drumming and firespinning. There were games, though I somehow managed not to play any.

There was also a reading of the Declaration of Independence which I found really cool. It made me think "this is real patriotism" as opposed to the crap we are fed by the media. Served as a nice reminder of what a bunch of radicals our Founding Fathers were. Thanks for helping keep that flicker that thinks this country might be worth saving alive.

Monday was a quiet day hanging out with friends. On the way home got to see many fireworks displays. When I got here the lightning bugs were doing their only little display lighting up the trees in front of the house and the stars seemed a little brighter than usual.

Blessed Be.


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