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Friday 5/19
  • Dept. of Education to offer some private company a monopoly on student loans (source).
  • Pence starts his own Political Action Committee (PAC) (source)

Saturday 5/20

Sunday 5/21
  • Tillerson holds a press conference without any U.S. press (source).
  • TPP trade deal looking to move forward without the U.S. (source).

Monday 5/22
  • DJT asked NSA and DNI to deny Russia connections. (source).
  • White House refuses ethics inquiry about lobbyists working at the White House (source).
  • White House delaying decision on health care subsidies - maximizing uncertainty for the health care markets (source).
  • Sessions narrows action against "sanctuary cities" - reminder original EO was blocked by courts, so this is an attempt to see if a narrower version will pass muster (source).
  • Safety regulations for truckers and mining put on hold (source).
  • GOP senators say DJT budget has no chance (source).
  • Caltrain gets go ahead (source).
  • Haitian refugees get reprieve (source).

Tuesday 5/23
    DJT budget proposal details released - this is the same proposal that was released in March, just now with numbers added - still unlikely to pass Congress (source).
  • DJT lawyers up (source).
  • Refugee swap with Australia to proceed, U.S. starts "extreme vetting" (source).
  • Transcript leaked of last month's DJT phone call with Philippine president Duterte in which DJT praises Duterte's campaign of extrajudicial killings (source).

Wednesday 5/24
  • DJT budget proposal contains a 2 trillion dollar math error (source).
  • CBO report on GOP health care bill says 23 million would lose coverage, premiums for seniors to go up 800% (source 1, source 2, full report).
  • Sessions did not disclose meetings with Russians on his security clearance forms (source).
  • The U.S. is running out of cash (source).
  • Carrier plant in Indiana is outsourcing its jobs to Mexico after all. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you. (source).
  • DeVos is ok with Federal funding for private schools that discriminate (source).

Thursday 5/25
  • Appeals court strikes down travel ban, it'll go on to the supreme court (source).
  • U.K. stops sharing information with the U.S. (source).
  • FBI investigation looking at Jared Kushner (source).
  • Trump Organization reneges on promise to track foreign profits (source).
  • Senate is supposedly working on an infrastructure bill (source).
  • Political appointments still moving at snails pace, causing government inaction (source).
  • DJT accuses NATO of not meeting its commitments (source) while he waffles on U.S. commitments to NATO (source).
  • Senate committee approves sanctions against Iran - will go to full senate vote next month (source).

In other news

Legislative action this week
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Sunday 5/14
  • Dept. of Interior reviewing National Monuments, esp. the new Bears Ears NM in Utah (source, public comments go here).
  • Congress tells DJT that if he has any tapes of his conversations with Comey he should hand them over (source).

Monday 5/15

Tuesday 5/16
  • Comey's memos document DJT's attempts to end Russia investigati (source).

Wednesday 5/17
  • Ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller appointed special counsel to lead new Russia investigation - not to be confused with the House or Senate investigations - I believe he is essentially taking over the FBI investigations, though technically this is a new one, he is under the authority of the Justice Dept., so not completely independent, but much more so than the others and has more powers as Mueller is authorized to pursue criminal charges if warranted. (source).
  • Putin offers transcript of meeting with DJT if DJT is ok with it, a.k.a maximum trolling (source).
  • Immigration arrests are up 40% (source).
  • DJT keeps Iran deal (the one he called "worst deal ever") (source).
  • The U.S. is not banning laptops on flights from Europe (source).
  • Senate Russia investigation subpoenas Flynn (source).
  • A reminder that Trump supporters aren't seeing any of this and aren't likely to believe it if they do (source).

Thursday 5/18
  • DJT campaign had at least 18 contacts with the Russians - just in case you were losing count (source).
  • DJT knew Flynn was under investigation when he hired him, also Flynn advised U.S. to go with Turkey's wishes in Syria while he was getting paid by Turkey (source).
  • Flynn ignores subpoenas - since the congressional investigations don't really have any enforcement mechanism there isn't much of a downside for him doing so - if he does the same for Mueller's investigation it'll be a different story (source).
  • FCC plan to end Net Neutrality is moving right along (source).
  • Representative Chaffetz (currently leading the House investigation) is retiring early, namely next month (source).
  • DJT intent to re-negotiate NAFTA made official - no details offered (source).

Friday 5/19
  • DJT leaves on a trip to the Middle East - what could go wrong?

Legislative action this week

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Last Week
  • USDA rolls back school nutrition standards (source)
  • EPA dismisses scientists from scientific review board (source).
  • DJT has been sued 134 times since taking office (source).
  • Macron says American scientists are welcome to come to France (source).

Monday 5/8
  • DJT travel ban still tied up in courts. (source).
  • DJT to start nominating judicial nominees for lower courts (source).
  • Sally Yates testifying to Senate committee on Flynn-Russia connections (source, summary, full testimony from Yates and Clapper)
  • Pentagon pushing for expansion in Afghanistan (source)
  • DJT threatens to cut funding for Historically Black Colleges and then says he didn't mean it two days later (source).
  • FCC flooded with comments supporting Net Neutrality (source)

Tuesday 5/9
  • DJT fires FBI director James Comey (source).
  • DJT sending a certified letter to Lindsey Graham saying he has no ties to Russia - well I'm glad we cleared that up. (source).
  • DJT team divided on whether or not to stay in Paris climate deal (source) (DJT putting off any decision on this).
  • DJT approves plan to arm Syrian Kurds to fight ISIL (source) (It may shock folks, but I approve, Turkey can go &$#* itself).

Wednesday 5/10
  • DJT and Tillerson meeting with Russian foreign minister Lavrov (source) (Russian media reports on meeting while U.S. media isn't allowed to) (reminder that according to the Steele dossier Lavrov was in charge of the Russian election interference campaign).
  • Reporter arrested while trying to ask HHS Secretary Price questions (source).
  • Comey had asked the Deputy Attorney General for more resources for Russia inquiry, that same Deputy Attorney General wrote the memo justifying his firing (source and has since threatened to resign).
  • Senate blocks repeal of regulation on methane - this is the first Obama-era regulation to be upheld by the Senate after the House voted to repeal it (source).
  • U.S. Census Director resigns (source).
  • Senate Russia investigation subpoenas Flynn (source).

Thursday 5/11

Friday 5/12
  • Sessions changes Federal prosecution guidelines to always pursue harshest charges and longest sentences, including bringing back mandatory minimums, to focus on drugs, guns, and gangs - removes guideline that allowed discretion for drug crimes - gotta fill those for-profit prisons with somebody (source).
  • DJT threatens Comey not to say anything bad, also threatens to end press briefings altogether (source).

Legislative action this week

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Last week
  • Dept. of Energy stops payments on research grants already awarded (source).
  • More details on Congress deal to avoid government shutdown (source).
  • GAO report on government waste (source).

Monday 5/1
  • DJT creates a technology council. (source).
  • DJT ends Michelle Obama's 'Let Girls Learn' program (source).

Tuesday 5/2
  • U.S. will attend Syria cease-fire talks (source).
  • DJT puts anti-abortion activist in charge of Title X program (source).

Wednesday 5/3
  • Woman arrested for laughing at Jeff Sessions (source).

Thursday 5/4
  • House passes Obamacare repeal (source).
  • Analysis of health care bill impacts.
  • Health care bill still unlikely to pass Senate (source) (hint: now would be an excellent time to call your senators) (more detail on Senate reactions).
  • Dodd-Frank repeal passes House committee vote (source).
  • DJT executive order ok's political lobbying by churches (source).
  • FCC chair whining that there are people supporting Net Neutrality (source).
  • House Russia investigation moves forward with hearings from FBI and NSA (source).
  • In appointee news, DJT's Drug Czar pick withdraws (source) and Sec. of Navy pick likely to fail (source).
  • DJT planning a trip to Europe and the Middle East for later this month (source).

Legislative action this week (I'm going to stop tracking stuff that goes through on voice votes which are generally minor/uncontroversial bills)
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Today's commute, the iPod was on point this morning:

Jacobites - Scythian
Too Shy - Kajagoogoo
Stay Awake - Julie Andrews - Mary Poppins
Want Ad Blues - George Thorogood
Dies Irae - Mozart
Worried About You - The T-Bones
Island of Souls - Sting
Poirt Shingile:Port Aitheantais Na gCaipini/Johnny's So Long at the Fair - Téada
Ruby Tuesday - Rolling Stones
Professional Widow - Tori Amos
La Grange - ZZ Top
Good Enough for Now - Weird Al
Daydream Believer - Monkees
Out There - Tom Hulce/Tony Jay - Hunchback from Notre Dame
Requiem for a Tower - Escala
The Earth is Our Mother - Kiva
Baby Driver - Simon & Garfunkel
Ecce Chorus Virginum - Medieval Baebes
Good Morning Starshine - Broadway Cast - Hair
Don't Cry for Me Argentina - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Caviar - Bawdy Balladeers
Dream On - Postmodern Jukebox & Morgan James
I Want to be Your Spy - Maurice John Vaughn
Someday After Awhile - Eric Clapton
Phantom of the Opera Medley - Lindsey Stirling
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Late due to gaming convention taking precedence :-)

Saturday 4/22
  • DJT officials delay Caltrain upgrade (source).

Monday 4/24

Tuesday 4/25
  • DJT starting trade war with Canada? (source).
  • Trade war with Mexico still going strong (source).
  • DJT willing to give in on "Wall" funding to avoid shutdown (source).
  • Justice Dept. defends Obamacare's birth control mandate (source).
  • Flynn broke law failing to disclose payments from Russia and Turkey (source).
  • Still lots of vacancies at Federal agencies, DJT's cabinet not happy (source).

Wednesday 4/26
  • Court blocks attempt to deny funding to sanctuary cities (source).
  • DJT unveils corporate tax cut plan (source).
  • DJT Executive Order to review National Monuments for mining potential, another expected to expand offshore drilling (source).

Thursday 4/27
  • DJT not going to scrap NAFTA after all (source).
  • Supreme Court is "concerned" about Justice Dept. power to strip naturalized immigrants of citizenship (source).
  • DJT orders review of Federal education regulations (source).

Sunday 4/30
  • DJT invites Philippine authoritarian president Duterte to the White House (source).

Legislative action this week
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Saturday 4/15
  • China asks North Korea and U.S. to stop acting like children (source).

Monday 4/17
  • Still more sabre rattling at North Korea (source).
  • China and Russia also dispatch ships to Korea (source).

Tuesday 4/18
  • DJT orders review of H-1B Visa program (source).
  • U.S. warships not really going to Korea after all (source).

Wednesday 4/19
  • Exxon seeks waiver from Treasury Dept. to work in Russia despite sanctions (source).
  • EPA proceeding with downsizing plans (source).

Thursday 4/20
  • DJT orders investigation into steel exports (source).
  • FCC looking for feedback on how to dismantle Net Neutrality (source).
  • DJT staying out of Libya (source).

Legislative action this week
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New map made for work, the Tribal is a little mis-leading as many reservations are mostly privately held land rather than Tribally owned, but I'm pretty happy with it otherwise.

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Saturday 4/8
  • Bannon and Kushner to resolve their differences in a no holds barred jello wrestling match (source).

Sunday 4/9
  • U.S. warships deployed to Korea (source).

Monday 4/10
  • Sessions ending forensic science study, because who really needs evidence anyways (source).
  • Russian arrested in connection to U.S. election interference (source).
  • Obamacare subsidies to continue despite GOP lawsuit (source).

Tuesday 4/11
  • GAO to look into DJT financial conflicts of interest during transition (source).

Wednesday 4/12
  • Fed hiring freeze lifted, but OMB tells other agencies to come up with plans for shrinking their workforces (source).
  • DHS is working on ramping up deportation efforts (source).
  • Tillerson is in Russia, trading insults over Syria - looks like the honeymoon is over (source).
  • Russia blocks UN resolution on Syria (source).
  • DJT changes positions on China, Fed Reserve leadership, Export-Import bank, interest rates, and NATO (source1, source2).
  • Confirmation that Manafort received payments from pro-Russian Ukrainian party before working for DJT (source).
  • Manafort borrowed from DJT businesses the day he left campaign (source).
  • Manafort to register as a foreign agent (source).
  • Justice Dept. did wiretap DJT advisor Carter Page after he left campaign on suspicions that he was a Russian agent (source).
  • DeVos removes student protections for dealing with student loan companies (source).

Thursday 4/13
  • DJT seeking to remove health and safety requirements for detained immigrants (source).
  • U.S. accidentally kills some allies in Syria (source).
  • U.S. bombing the *#$#* out of Afghanistan (source).
  • We can thank the Brits for all the DJT-Russia news (source).
  • I missed last week that Kushner neglected to list his Russian contacts on his security clearance forms - that would be a felony for anyone keeping track, DEMs now seeking to have his clearance suspended (source).

Friday 4/14
  • More sabre rattling at North Korea, China is officially worried (source).

Legislative action this week
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So LJ to DW migration complete, downside is that my photos are now offline, but they are at least backed up. One of the side effects of this was that I went through the posts I had marked as memories. I wrote this 14 years ago - the more things change the more they seem the same.
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For those coming over from LJ, you can also switch all those comments you left on other peoples journals to your DW account, directions how at
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Monday 4/3
  • Blackwater founder setup back channel for communications between DJT and Putin (source).
  • Justice Dept. to review, potentially drop civil rights agreements and investigations of local police departments (source) - including Baltimore.
  • Mexico looking to shift trade connections away from the U.S. (source).

Tuesday 4/4
  • Reactions to Syrian government's chemical weapons attack, DJT resigned to Assad remaining in power (source).

Wednesday 4/5
  • Bannon loses NSC seat (source).

Thursday 4/6
  • Nunes recuses himself from the House investigation on Russia (source).
  • On Gorsuch nomination to the supreme court, DEMs filibuster and GOP goes for "nuclear option" to avoid said filibuster, final confirmation likely tomorrow (source).
  • The U.S. attacks Syria (source).
  • Russia condemns attack, withdraws from agree cooperating with U.S. in Syria as response (source).

Friday 4/7
  • DJT meeting with Chinese president (source).
  • Russians call for meeting of U.N. Security Council (source).
  • Most of the world except for Syria, Russia, and Iran speak in support of attack on Syria (source).
  • I'm assuming Gorsuch gets confirmed.

Legislative action this week

Map of the week:


6 April 2017 17:03
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Journal porting over from LJ is complete, this will be my new home for now. If we were friends over there, please do add me here, I will be deleting the LJ account after I get all my pictures off of it.
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Monday 3/27
  • Sessions threatens to withhold funding from states and local law enforcement that don't cooperate with immigration crackdown (source).

Tuesday 3/28
  • White House seeks to block Yates testimony on DJT-Russia connections (source).
  • More states now considering Medicaid expansion (source).
  • Executive Order overturning climate change policies, particularly Obama's Clean Power Plan, and indicating U.S. has no intention of abiding by the 2015 Paris Accord (source).

Let me talk about climate change for a moment. The Paris Accord isn't just a nice to have - it's more of a last ditch effort to avoid the worst of the global warming scenarios. And while most countries are still supporting the agreement, none are really taking it seriously. Here's a road map of what it would actually take to reach the Paris goal and some more background on how that goal was reached, why we need it, and what'll mean when we miss it. Just in case I have any climate change denialists reading - to put it simply, you're wrong, and what's more the climate really isn't going to give a fuck whether you belief in it or not. Personally I think it's already too late to stop significant warming, most of the scientific community shifted from debating whether it's happening to attempting to model the expected impacts some 20 years ago. Not preparing for it may be fatally short sighted.

Wednesday 3/29
  • EPA rejects pesticide ban (source).
  • Senate pushes ahead with its own Russia investigation, separate from House (source).

Thursday 3/30
  • DJT relaxes combat rules for U.S. forces in Somalia that protect against civilian casualties (source).
  • Flynn offering to testify in return for immunity (source) - so far no takers.

Legislative action this week

Map of the week:

  • Interactive noise map of the U.S. - perhaps a little misleading as it looks like the road noise modelling is based on the size of the road rather than the amount of traffic it actually receives, but still a cool looking map.
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Summary of Health Care Bill status from GovTrack - key change to bill was to remove requirement for insurance companies to provide a minimum level of coverage in their plans - Where key legislators stand on the bill.

Pulling the cabinet status section - Agriculture and Labor are still without a secretary, but it doesn't like there's going to be any action there for awhile.

Friday 3/17
  • DJT adds UK and Germany to the list of countries insulted (source).
  • Rex Tillerson threatens war with North Korea (source) - softens tone after talking to China (source).

Monday 3/20
  • DJT appoints aides to keep tabs on his own cabinet (source).
  • FBI says no evidence of wiretapping, is investigating Trump-Russia ties (source).
  • DJT delegates oversight of military operations to the Pentagon (source).
  • Canadians not thrilled with influx of people fleeing the U.S. (source).

Tuesday 3/21
  • U.S. bans electronics on flights from the Mideast (source).
  • New evidence of DJT's former campaign manager money laundering payments from pro-Russian Ukrainian party (source) - Manafort's ties to Putin.

Wednesday 3/22
  • GOP governors come out against DJT budget (source).

Thursday 3/23
  • Tillerson asks embassies to identify groups to discriminate against (source).
  • Senate votes to overturn Internet privacy protections (source).
  • GSA decides DJT's DC hotel does not violate lease (source).
  • CBO updates report on health care bill to reflect changes (source).

Friday 3/24
  • State Dept. grants permit for Keystone pipeline (source).
  • DJT tells House to pass health care replacement bill today or he's going to keep Obamacare (source).

Legislative action this week
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Summary of Health Care Bill status from GovTrack - Where key legislators stand on the bill.

Status of cabinet picks and other appointments: Hearings are happening this week. New confirmations since last week are Dan Coats (Director National Intelligence).

Sunday 3/10
  • DJT orders all Obama appointed prosecutors at DOJ to resign (source) - many of them promptly join anti-Trump organizations (source).

Saturday 3/11
  • Manhattan attorney Preet Bharara refuses resignation order, is fired. (source).

Monday 3/13
  • DJT's first cabinet meeting.
  • Executive order asks OMB to look for entire agencies that could be eliminated (source).
  • CBO report on healthcare replacement plan - 14 million to lose coverage in first year (source) - Full report.
  • DJT gives CIA free rein to conduct drone strikes (source).
  • DJT looking to severely cut UN humanitarian programs (source).
  • Elsewhere - Russia military deployment to Egypt and Libya (source).
  • Elsewhere - UK Parliament gives official go ahead for Brexit (source).

Tuesday 3/14
  • Snow

Wednesday 3/15
  • DJT promises to lower fuel economy standards (source).
  • House intel panel proceeds with formal investigation of leaks (source).

Thursday 3/16
  • DJT releases budget proposal - note this is basically his wish list, the actual budget will start in Congress (source) - source link contains details - recommended reading, there's a lot there including wiping out entire agencies (details on those). Congress has already said they plan to more or less ignore this.
  • Judges block travel ban (again) (source).
  • Senate panel finds no evidence for DJT wiretap claim (source).

Legislative action this week
  • Legislation awaiting DJT's signature

  • Legislation passed in the House, awaiting Senate

  • Legislation passed in the Senate, awaiting House

  • Legislation advancing in the House

    Map of the week:

  • kmusser: (Cryptic Bastard)

    Status of cabinet picks and other appointments: No new confirmations this week.

    Friday 3/3
    • DHS considering plan of separating women from their children at the U.S. border (source).

    Sunday 3/5
    • DJT accuses Obama of "wiretapping" phones, wants an investigation, so far there is no supporting evidence for any such thing (source).
    • ICE using detainees as slave labor (source) - note, not new, source is a lawsuit originally filed in 2014, but a judge raised it to class-action status this week.

    Monday 3/6
    • DJT signs executive order for new travel ban to replace the one struck down by the courts - this one is essentially the same as the old one except Iraq is not on the list of banned countries and there is a delay for going into effect (starts 3/16) so as to not catch people mid-travel (source) - direct comparison of old vs new orders - and it's immediately challenged in court).
    • U.S. supported Kurdish forces cut-off last road to ISIL capital (source).
    • GOP introduces their Obamacare replacement plan (source) - note this still hasn't been formally introduced in Congress yet, committees are working on their separate bits of the bill, which in theory will then be put together into a single bill to vote on. So far it's cleared 2 committees.

    • TSA planning more intrusive "pat-downs" and expects travelers to complain to the police (source) - dear TSA, if your procedures weren't indistinguishable from sexual assault you might not have this problem.

    Tuesday 3/7
    • Pruitt hiring climate change skeptics for EPA (source)

    Wednesday 3/8

    Thursday 3/9
    • Pruitt denies that CO2 a leading contributor to climate change (source) - note: it is, this claim may be an excuse to end EPA's regulation of greenhouse gases.
    • Border crossings from Mexico have dropped (source).

    Friday 3/10
    • Tillerson ditching the media for diplomatic trip to Asia (source).
    • DOJ assigning more judges to immigration backlog (source).

    Legislative action this week

    Map of the week:

    kmusser: (cartographer's conspiracy II)
    Since my website is now old enough to drink I figured it's time to redesign it. Stripped it down so it's basically just a brief plug for my mapping, but it now has a small store section. Check it out at
    kmusser: (Londo)

    Status of cabinet picks and other appointments: Hearings are happening this week. New confirmations since last week are Wilbur Ross (Commerce), Ryan Zinke (Interior), Rick Perry (Energy), Ben Carson (HUD). List of vacant positions.

    Friday 2/24
    • Major news outlets blocked from covering WH press briefing (source).
    • WH officials also ask congressmen to help cover-up Russia story (source)

    Saturday 2/25
    • More on the more aggressive immigration enforcement taking place (source).

    Sunday 2/26
    • DJT cabinet working at damage control (source).

    Monday 2/27
    • Fact checking on DJT's claim of saving coal mining jobs, determining the truth is murky on this one, worth a read (source).
    • GWB wants answers on Trump-Russia ties, defends press (source).
    • New commerce secretary also has ties to Russia (source).

    Tuesday 2/28
    • Executive order to review definition of "water of the united states" (source) - significant as this definition determines what waters the Clean Water Act covers, it's also the basis for pretty much all of our wetlands regulations - and perhaps an easy target as the current definition is ridiculously broad (essentially any water, regardless of size, temporary or permanent, artificial or natural), but using Scalia's definition would leave most intermittent streams, wetlands, and artificial bodies of water unprotected.
    • DJT suggests anti-Semitic attacks might be "false flags" (source).
    • Reality check on budget proposal (source).
    • Summary of DJT speech to Congress.
    • FBI investigating wave of threats against Jewish centers and schools (source).
    • Fact-checking Sessions, the science is in on marijuana combating opioid abuse (source).
    • Sessions gives police departments ok to ignore civil rights (source).

    Wednesday 3/1

    Thursday 3/2
    • DJT transition team opted not to have any ethics training (source).
    • GOP pushing anti-free speech bills at the state level (source).
    • Airstrikes in Yemen resume (source).

    Legislative action this week

    Maps of the week:
    kmusser: (Freedom)

    Status of cabinet picks and other appointments: Hearings are happening this week. New confirmations since last week are Scott Pruitt (EPA). Top levels of government still largely vacant.

    Friday 2/17
    • DJT calls the media the "enemy of the American people" (source).

    Saturday 2/18

    Sunday 2/19

    Monday 2/20
    • New national security advisor appointed (source).
    • Summary of planned anti-environment executive orders, stream protection rule repeal signed into law (source).
    • DJT is winning the war on tourism (source).

    Tuesday 2/21
    • U.S. aid to Syrian rebels halted (might be temporary) (source).
    • Increasing numbers of asylum seekers fleeing U.S. for Canada (source).

    Wednesday 2/22

    Thursday 2/23
    • Justice Dept. scraps plan to phase out private, for-profit prisons (source).
    • Bannon says they are working on the “deconstruction of the administrative state” and says many cabinet nominees were chosen specifically to dismantle their respective agencies (source).
    • Spicer threatens crackdown on marijuana (source).
    • NYT fact checking on trade - we have a trade surplus with many places (source).

    Friday 2/24
    • DJT wants more nukes (source).
    • Priebus asks FBI to help cover-up Russia story (source)

    In news elsewhere
    • Russian consul found dead in Athens (source) - for those counting I believe that's the fifth high level Russian diplomat to be found dead/killed since the election.

    Map of the week:


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