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Sunday 8/27
  • DJT sought Moscow real estate deal while running for president (source).
  • Nuclear weapon overhaul proceeding (source).
  • Military surplus transfers to local police to resume (source).
  • More State Dept. officials resigning (source).

Monday 8/28
  • ACLU suing DJT over transgender ban (source).
  • Immigration and Customs to start destroying records for detainees in its custody (source). (Reporting with caution as I haven't been able to find any source confirming this other than ACLU, I normally consider them trustworthy, but I also usually see multiple sources if a story is reliable).

Tuesday 8/29
  • U.N. ambassador Bolton gives his plan for leaving Iran deal to the press since he can't get in to see DJT (source).
  • Mattis won't implement transgender ban while study is pending (source).
  • National Flood Insurance Program expires end of next month (source).
  • DHS warned local law enforcement of violence potential ahead of Charlottesville (source).
  • EEO to stop collecting pay discrimination data (source).
  • Trump Jr. to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee (source).

Wednesday 8/30
  • DJT attaches strings to aid to Pakistan (source).
  • Freedom Caucus won't back DJT's wall funding over a shutdown (source).

Thursday 8/31
  • Russian lobbyist testifying to Mueller's grand jury (source).
  • DJT orders Russia to close San Francisco consulate in response to Russia kicking out U.S. diplomats (source).
  • Deployment of additional troops to Afghanistan (source).
  • ObamaCare outreach funding cut (source).
  • DJT to donate $1 million to hurricane relief effort (source).

Friday 9/1
  • Sessions claims we're experiencing a violent crime wave, when in reality crime rates are near a 45 year low. (source).
  • Expect a hurricane relief package to be the first order of business when Congress returns next week (source).

Legislative action this week - Congress in recess

Map of the week
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