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  • Interior opens Federal lands to coal leases (source) (from the end of March, but only now being reported on).
  • FBI raided Manafort's home last month as part of the Russia investigation (source).

Monday 8/7
  • Russia investigation is expanding. (source).
  • U.N. approves North Korea sanctions, North Korea threatens retaliation (source).
  • Government scientists leak their climate change report out of fear that it'll be suppressed (source, full report).
  • DHS CIO quits after 3 months (source).
  • Enforcement of Wall St. regulations is down (source).

Tuesday 8/8
  • DJT threatens military action against North Korea (source).
  • North Korea threatening to nuke Guam (source).
  • Justice Dept. supports purging voter rolls (source).
  • Commission on opioid epidemic offers its recommendations, DJT declines to take any of them (source, draft report).
  • DJT considering privatizing the war in Afghanistan (source).
  • Administration drops plan for sleep apnea testing for truck and train drivers (source).

Wednesday 8/9
  • DJT set to surpass Obama in number of bombs dropped (source).
  • Administration divided on North Korea response (source).
  • DJT and McConnell blame each other for GOP failures (source).

Thursday 8/10
  • Half of GOP ok with not having a 2020 election (source).
  • Health care premiums set to rise thanks to uncertainty (source).
  • McCain proposes long-term plan for Afghanistan (source).
  • DJT takes some of the opioid commission's recommendations after all, declares national emergency (source).
  • EPA reduces enforcement of environmental laws (source).

Friday 8/11
  • HHS ends teen pregnancy prevention program (source).
  • Global stock sell-off due to US-NK tensions (source).

Legislative action this week - Congress in recess
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