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Posting early this week as I'll be traveling tomorrow, hopefully DJT doesn't do anything super dumb tomorrow (hahahahahcoughhackahem sorry, I'm better now).

Friday 6/30
  • DJT election fraud commission asks states for confidential voter info, states tell commission to go f%^* itself (source).
  • EPA regulatory roll-back in full swing (source).
  • State Dept. reverses decision to end fellowships for women and minorities (source).
  • NASA does not have a colony of child sex slaves on mars (source).

Monday 7/3
  • Court blocks EPA roll-back of oil and gas well emission standards (source).
  • More sabre rattling at China in wake of new North Korea missile test (source).
  • Congress considering bill to stop enforcement of Obamacare individual mandate (source).

Wednesday 7/5
  • U.S. and South Korea conducting military exercises (source).

Thursday 7/6
  • States sue Dept. of Education over student debt relief (source).
  • EU-Japan free trade deal (source, analysis).
  • China also pursuing closer ties with Europe (source).

No legislative action this week

Maps of the week
  • State responses to DJT voter fraud commission as of July 4th

Date: 7 Jul 2017 13:49 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] selki
Glad Tillerson reversed on shafting those fellowships (after pressure was applied to him).


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