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Tuesday 6/27
  • CBO releases analysis of Senate health bill (source).
  • Supreme court partially lifts injunction against DJT travel ban, will decide on case in the fall (source).
  • California water mega-project moves forward. (source).
  • Lumber trade war with Canada still on (source).
  • Coal industry lobbying against House bill to help coal regions (source).
  • House bill to declare INF treaty void if Russia won't abide by it (source).
  • Homeland Security to build wall prototypes, no plan (or funding) to build wall along the entire border (source).

Wednesday 6/28

Thursday 6/29
  • Health care vote delayed indefinitely, McConnell still trying to cobble something together (source).
  • House committee approves amendment withdrawing the president's authorization to use military force - remains to be seen if it'll go any further (source).
  • White House orders slow down in processing visa applications (source).
  • Treasury announces sanctions against 4 Chinese firms with North Korea connections. (source, China not happy).
  • Federal Reserve clears big banks to go back to risky lending (source).
  • House passes additional anti-immigration laws, passage in Senate looks unlikely (source).

Friday 6/30
  • China not happy about U.S. arms deal with Taiwan (source).

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Legislative action this week

Date: 1 Jul 2017 02:51 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] selki
Homeland Security to build wall prototypes
I immediately thought of the tiny Stonehenge model in *Spinal Tap*.

Good for Al Jazeera.


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