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Monday 6/12
  • DC and Maryland sue DJT over emoluments clause (source).
  • Maybe there will be action on a Senate health care bill? (source).

Tuesday 6/13
  • Sessions testifies before Senate Intelligence Committee - mostly refusing to answer questions (summary).
  • EPA to put methane regulation on hold (source).
  • Senate working on health care bill in secret? Hard to find anything reliable on this and that may be on purpose. (source).

Wednesday 6/14
  • For-Profit schools given the ok to cheat students (source).
  • Senate votes to remove DJT's power to remove sanctions on Russia and are ready to override DJT's veto if needed (source).
  • Federal Reserve raises interest rate (source).

Thursday 6/15
  • DJT is under investigation for obstruction of justice (source).
  • Pence lawyers up (source).
  • U.S. approves Qatari arms deal (source).
  • Senate passes new sanctions against Russia and Iran (source).
  • Senate vote on secret health care bill in the next 2 weeks? (source).
  • Homeland security ok's deporting of illegal immigrant parents of Americans (source).
  • Additional troops headed to Afghanistan (source).
  • DJT to restore a partial embargo of Cuba for no particular reason (source).

Friday 6/16
  • Immigrant children "dreamers" allowed to stay for now (source).
  • Rod Rosenstein may also recuse himself from Russia investigations (source).
  • DJT's lawyer lawyers up (source).

Legislative action this week


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