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Friday 6/2
  • DJT tells Federal agencies to ignore requests from DEM lawmakers (source).
  • Pruitt: one man's campaign to destroy the Earth (source).

Saturday 6/3

Sunday 6/4
  • U.S. considering sanctions against Venezuela (source).

Monday 6/5
  • Russia attempted to hack U.S. voting machines - note while the media throws around the term "hack" loosely, the allegations of Russian interference in the U.S. election have mostly been about them trying to throw the election via media interference, not tampering with the voting process directly, this NSA document alleges that yes, they were also going for hacking the actual voting machines. (source).
  • Contractor that leaked the above report is arrested (source).
  • Not a news item, but amusing, Wonkette on the above two items.
  • Senator Warner says more states were targeted than that NSA document says, is pushing to declassify details (source).
  • U.S. planning on leaving the U.N. Human Rights Council (source).
  • Honeymoon between DJT and Sessions is over (source).
  • U.S. acting ambassador to China resigns over Paris agreement (source).

Tuesday 6/6

Wednesday 6/7
  • Cristopher Wray picked as new FBI director (source).

Thursday 6/8
  • Houses passes Dodd-Frank repeal (source).
  • Dodd-Frank repeal not likely to pass Senate (source).
  • Health care bill still in limbo and likely to stay there for awhile (source).
  • Comey testifies to Senate investigation, accuses DJT of obstruction (source).

Elsewhere in the world:

Legislative action this week
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