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Friday 5/26
  • Kushner sought back channel for communications with Russia (source).
  • State Dept. lifts limit on refugees coming to U.S. (source).

Sunday 5/28
  • No G7 climate agreement, Europeans blame DJT, will move on without the U.S. (source).

Monday 5/29
  • Administration planning on cutting anti-discrimination divisions in many Federal agencies (source).
  • Executive Order ends requirement for religious employers health plans to cover birth control (source).

Tuesday 5/30
  • DJT's communications director resigns (source).

Wednesday 5/31
  • DJT confirms plan to leave Paris climate deal, Europe to take leadership of making sure our planet remains habitable (source).
  • White House gives in to ethics office, releases list of lobbyists and conflict of interest waivers granted to White House employees. (source).
  • DJT planning on giving Russia back properties seized by Obama as punishment for election meddling (source).

Thursday 6/1
  • China also interested in keeping the Earth habitable (source).
  • Germany and China vow to strengthen ties in response to DJT (source).
  • FBI investigation looking at Nigel Farage (source).
  • CA, NY, and WA start coalition of states planning on implementing Paris agreement regardless of the Federal government (source).

Friday 6/2
  • Musk and Iger quit White House advisory councils (source).

In other news

Legislative action this week - no new activity

Maps of the week
  • One of the maps I'm planning on presenting at the ESRI User Conference in July

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