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Sunday 5/14
  • Dept. of Interior reviewing National Monuments, esp. the new Bears Ears NM in Utah (source, public comments go here).
  • Congress tells DJT that if he has any tapes of his conversations with Comey he should hand them over (source).

Monday 5/15

Tuesday 5/16
  • Comey's memos document DJT's attempts to end Russia investigati (source).

Wednesday 5/17
  • Ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller appointed special counsel to lead new Russia investigation - not to be confused with the House or Senate investigations - I believe he is essentially taking over the FBI investigations, though technically this is a new one, he is under the authority of the Justice Dept., so not completely independent, but much more so than the others and has more powers as Mueller is authorized to pursue criminal charges if warranted. (source).
  • Putin offers transcript of meeting with DJT if DJT is ok with it, a.k.a maximum trolling (source).
  • Immigration arrests are up 40% (source).
  • DJT keeps Iran deal (the one he called "worst deal ever") (source).
  • The U.S. is not banning laptops on flights from Europe (source).
  • Senate Russia investigation subpoenas Flynn (source).
  • A reminder that Trump supporters aren't seeing any of this and aren't likely to believe it if they do (source).

Thursday 5/18
  • DJT campaign had at least 18 contacts with the Russians - just in case you were losing count (source).
  • DJT knew Flynn was under investigation when he hired him, also Flynn advised U.S. to go with Turkey's wishes in Syria while he was getting paid by Turkey (source).
  • Flynn ignores subpoenas - since the congressional investigations don't really have any enforcement mechanism there isn't much of a downside for him doing so - if he does the same for Mueller's investigation it'll be a different story (source).
  • FCC plan to end Net Neutrality is moving right along (source).
  • Representative Chaffetz (currently leading the House investigation) is retiring early, namely next month (source).
  • DJT intent to re-negotiate NAFTA made official - no details offered (source).

Friday 5/19
  • DJT leaves on a trip to the Middle East - what could go wrong?

Legislative action this week


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