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Status of cabinet picks and other appointments: No new confirmations this week.

Friday 3/3
  • DHS considering plan of separating women from their children at the U.S. border (source).

Sunday 3/5
  • DJT accuses Obama of "wiretapping" phones, wants an investigation, so far there is no supporting evidence for any such thing (source).
  • ICE using detainees as slave labor (source) - note, not new, source is a lawsuit originally filed in 2014, but a judge raised it to class-action status this week.

Monday 3/6
  • DJT signs executive order for new travel ban to replace the one struck down by the courts - this one is essentially the same as the old one except Iraq is not on the list of banned countries and there is a delay for going into effect (starts 3/16) so as to not catch people mid-travel (source) - direct comparison of old vs new orders - and it's immediately challenged in court).
  • U.S. supported Kurdish forces cut-off last road to ISIL capital (source).
  • GOP introduces their Obamacare replacement plan (source) - note this still hasn't been formally introduced in Congress yet, committees are working on their separate bits of the bill, which in theory will then be put together into a single bill to vote on. So far it's cleared 2 committees.

  • TSA planning more intrusive "pat-downs" and expects travelers to complain to the police (source) - dear TSA, if your procedures weren't indistinguishable from sexual assault you might not have this problem.

Tuesday 3/7
  • Pruitt hiring climate change skeptics for EPA (source)

Wednesday 3/8

Thursday 3/9
  • Pruitt denies that CO2 a leading contributor to climate change (source) - note: it is, this claim may be an excuse to end EPA's regulation of greenhouse gases.
  • Border crossings from Mexico have dropped (source).

Friday 3/10
  • Tillerson ditching the media for diplomatic trip to Asia (source).
  • DOJ assigning more judges to immigration backlog (source).

Legislative action this week

Map of the week:

Date: 12 Mar 2017 22:56 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Legislation awaiting DJT's signature: Repeal rule favoring Federal contractors that comply with labor laws

I know there's worse going on but argh, I can see many companies imagining that they "have" to move to (more) unfair labor practices because "competition".


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