25 August 2017

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Friday 8/18
  • Steve Bannon leaves White House staff (source).
  • Carl Icahn resigns as DJT advisor (source).
  • DJT aims to prevent lawsuits against nursing homes (source).
  • Pentagon's Cyber command elevated to be equal to other military commands (source).
  • DJT plans to expand Guantanamo use (source).

Sunday 8/20
  • DJT announces new Afghanistan policy which will involve sending more troops there (source).

Monday 8/21
  • The sun is blotted out.
  • Secret Service is almost out of money due to DJT's large family and frequent travel (source).
  • White House plans to move immigrants in jails to Federal custody. (source).
  • U.S. - South Korea conduct military exercises (source).
  • Navy temporarily halts Pacific fleet operations due to crash (source).

Tuesday 8/22
  • U.S. restricts aid to Egypt (source).

Wednesday 8/23
  • DJT willing to shutdown government to get funding for his wall (source) (hint to DJT: a government shutdown still won't get you your funding).
  • DJT to pursue military transgender ban within 6 months (source).
  • DoJ still defending Obamacare birth control mandate and IRS rule against tax-exempt religious orgs politically lobbying even though it isn't enforcing either (source).

Thursday 8/24
  • Interior Secretary recommends reducing size of 3 National Monuments, reducing protections in others (source).
  • Court orders web host to comply with White House's data request for IP addresses (source).
  • DoT scraps rule giving preferential hiring to local workers for Federal infrastructure projects (source).

In other news
  • Banks warn that an economic downturn is coming (source).
  • Things are really really bad in Yemen (source).
  • Commercial tanker crosses the Arctic Ocean without needing an icebreaker for the first time (source).
  • Hurricane Harvey to hit Texas this evening (source).

Legislative action this week - Congress in recess

Map of the week


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