25 May 2017

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Friday 5/19
  • Dept. of Education to offer some private company a monopoly on student loans (source).
  • Pence starts his own Political Action Committee (PAC) (source)

Saturday 5/20

Sunday 5/21
  • Tillerson holds a press conference without any U.S. press (source).
  • TPP trade deal looking to move forward without the U.S. (source).

Monday 5/22
  • DJT asked NSA and DNI to deny Russia connections. (source).
  • White House refuses ethics inquiry about lobbyists working at the White House (source).
  • White House delaying decision on health care subsidies - maximizing uncertainty for the health care markets (source).
  • Sessions narrows action against "sanctuary cities" - reminder original EO was blocked by courts, so this is an attempt to see if a narrower version will pass muster (source).
  • Safety regulations for truckers and mining put on hold (source).
  • GOP senators say DJT budget has no chance (source).
  • Caltrain gets go ahead (source).
  • Haitian refugees get reprieve (source).

Tuesday 5/23
    DJT budget proposal details released - this is the same proposal that was released in March, just now with numbers added - still unlikely to pass Congress (source).
  • DJT lawyers up (source).
  • Refugee swap with Australia to proceed, U.S. starts "extreme vetting" (source).
  • Transcript leaked of last month's DJT phone call with Philippine president Duterte in which DJT praises Duterte's campaign of extrajudicial killings (source).

Wednesday 5/24
  • DJT budget proposal contains a 2 trillion dollar math error (source).
  • CBO report on GOP health care bill says 23 million would lose coverage, premiums for seniors to go up 800% (source 1, source 2, full report).
  • Sessions did not disclose meetings with Russians on his security clearance forms (source).
  • The U.S. is running out of cash (source).
  • Carrier plant in Indiana is outsourcing its jobs to Mexico after all. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you. (source).
  • DeVos is ok with Federal funding for private schools that discriminate (source).

Thursday 5/25
  • Appeals court strikes down travel ban, it'll go on to the supreme court (source).
  • U.K. stops sharing information with the U.S. (source).
  • FBI investigation looking at Jared Kushner (source).
  • Trump Organization reneges on promise to track foreign profits (source).
  • Senate is supposedly working on an infrastructure bill (source).
  • Political appointments still moving at snails pace, causing government inaction (source).
  • DJT accuses NATO of not meeting its commitments (source) while he waffles on U.S. commitments to NATO (source).
  • Senate committee approves sanctions against Iran - will go to full senate vote next month (source).

In other news

Legislative action this week


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