7 April 2017

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Monday 4/3
  • Blackwater founder setup back channel for communications between DJT and Putin (source).
  • Justice Dept. to review, potentially drop civil rights agreements and investigations of local police departments (source) - including Baltimore.
  • Mexico looking to shift trade connections away from the U.S. (source).

Tuesday 4/4
  • Reactions to Syrian government's chemical weapons attack, DJT resigned to Assad remaining in power (source).

Wednesday 4/5
  • Bannon loses NSC seat (source).

Thursday 4/6
  • Nunes recuses himself from the House investigation on Russia (source).
  • On Gorsuch nomination to the supreme court, DEMs filibuster and GOP goes for "nuclear option" to avoid said filibuster, final confirmation likely tomorrow (source).
  • The U.S. attacks Syria (source).
  • Russia condemns attack, withdraws from agree cooperating with U.S. in Syria as response (source).

Friday 4/7
  • DJT meeting with Chinese president (source).
  • Russians call for meeting of U.N. Security Council (source).
  • Most of the world except for Syria, Russia, and Iran speak in support of attack on Syria (source).
  • I'm assuming Gorsuch gets confirmed.

Legislative action this week

Map of the week:


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